Tuesday, January 13, 2009

You want me to participate in WHAT???

OK, so a new friend, Shari from http://bigyellowfarmhouse.blogspot.com asked me to participate in a ...meme....

Being the "inter-web-savvy-person" that I am, I wanted to act as if...as if I know what a meme was..no less how to say it..

MeMe ...or meem, or mem, or mehhhm?? Still didn't figure out that one, but I think it's "mem"..

So I did what any self-respecting inquisitive person would do...I Google-d it.

Here's what it said:

Memes in Internet Culture

Whilst in most versions of the theory any and all forms of cultural information can be considered memes, in everyday use the term 'meme' tends to be applied specifically to fast spreading running jokes on the Internet, like those propagated through e-mail forwards and Internet forums.

OK, so I think I get it....but it's easier to just do it because it looks like fun (kinda like learning a new card game- I can read all the "rules" you want, but I'd rather just get started and learn while playing...kinda like when I got my first driver's license....hmmm...

Here's the "rules" for all to follow:

Open a document or photo folder and choose the fifth folder and then the fifth photo in that folder. Next, post the photo with a description about it and then tag 5 friends to do the same.

OkeyDokey...here goes...ok..5th folder...5th photo....Oh I LOVE this picture!

This is my.....GREAT-grand-dog, Kobe. A wonderful well-mannered, beautiful, loving fun ..dawg..

Yep, he's a Dawg..nothing fancy. No fru-fru for him. Just a hunkahunkahunka puppy love. Just look at those eyes!

He was traveling with my grandson Brian and his Girly-girl Tessa as they drove from Arizona to visit back in Denver. All that way and he was no trouble at all. What a cutie-patootie!

So, with this fun meme...(see how quickly I learn?!) and knowing all the wonderful photos you have shared with all of us, I think this would be great for:

* Laurie from http://lauriescharmingdesigns.blogspot.com/

* Kimmie from http://irishcottagedreams.blogspot.com/

* Betty from http://www.joyinourlives.blogspot.com/

* Laurie and Chris from http://miss-flower.blogspot.com/

* Brandi from http://ellaandbrandi.blogspot.com/

and finally...

* April from http://aprilsadventuresandadorations.blogspot.com/ (ha! that'll get her to bloggin' again!)

Can't wait to see your posts. Thanks in advance for playing..(I always add that "thanks.. in advance" to make people feel they now really should do it...Mother was my travel agent for all those "Guilt Trips" I took!)



Shari said...

Oh you are making me laugh!! I felt the same way when I was tagged. I had absolutely no clue what that word meant or how to say it. I googled it, too!! I'm still not real sure I understand, but it looked kinda fun, so why not. Thanks for playing along!!

Shari said...

. . . and I love that picture of Kobe. Such a dear face - you can tell he's a good one!

Charmingdesigns said...

5th and 5th huh...ok, I'll see if it is ok to share...lol. Laurie

Betty said...

Ooh, ooh...I get to 'cover two pups with one blanket'. Thanks for the tag...Laurie tagged me, also.

I'll get right to it.

Have a safe and wonderful trip tomorrow! We'll miss you!

Anonymous said...

Haven't seen you in awhile. Glad I came over to see the beautiful dog.

April said...

Ok, so I participated and you won't believe it but my 5th-5th photo was of Kobe too!! Check it out on my blog!!
Love you and have a great trip tomorrow.

Lucy said...

Wow...thanks for the link to Shari's blog. I love it. Great photos and I want that chifforobe... was that it? Okay..chest. I just love old furniture. And old houses. And old themes. And........I'll stop. :)

Jan said...

Betty tagged me on this one! I'll be posting my picture tomorrow!
What a sweet, sweet pooch! Love that face! This is a fun meme!

Julie said...

Did I already tell you I love your new banner?

Thanks Colleen, for your support - your comments, your e-mails, etc. They mean a lot to me. Especially that poem. When I write my post about Penny I will for sure highlight that.

Laurie and Chris said...

What a cute Meme. We just wanted you to know we just did ours. Thanks for tagging us.

bfs ~ "Mimi" said...

First time to visit you. Lovely blog.

Thanks for helping me understand MEME. Hmmmm.... I'll have to learn the origin of that word, or if it's pop culture, or English or Irish?

From whence did Meme stem??

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