Tuesday, September 23, 2008

There things in life that stink...(yes, I found THAT post!!)

...and we have all come across those. And we all hate those. ucky..ucky..blah blah

That's not what I'm writing about tonight. I am writing about ....smells.

Hopefully good smells. But what's good to one nose may not be good to another..

Take room fresheners. I don't like the phony-rose smelling ones. Or the pine tree ones. Although I love the smell of roses. And pine trees.

But they have managed to "bottle" the smell of fresh laundry. And...it smells like...fresh laundry.

I wish they made it a lotion or cologne. I'd wear it all the time.

Mr. B is not a fan. I can't imagine why. But then, he likes the smell of beer...and I, not so much.

I have a candle that I never light. Don't want to have it be "all-gone".
So, I take it in my hand and sniff it..love the smell. It's hard to explain, but it reminds me of the Catholic Church when I was a child. Somehow, it comforts me.

Skunks. One of the yucky smells you say? Oh yes. Most definitely. But every time I smell a skunk, it reminds me of a very wonderful time in our lives, living in a double-wide about 100 yards off of a beautiful river in Colorado. We had skunks under the trailer. Yep. Nice, huh.

But to this day, I get the whiff of a skunk and it make me smile.

So, what smells remind you of a good time, of fresh laundry, or of security and hope? Let me know. I'd like to take a sniff.

-me ........ Psssst..I lost another 2.8 lbs making the total so far.....9.8 !!!! (wish is was 98...but I'll get there..insert a big 'ol smile here :-)


Betty said...

You are doing so GREAT with your weight loss...congrats!

Coppertone suntan lotion..one of my very favorite memories. Baby powder (that's the scent our 'kids' get after their groomings). Everything in the smoker...yum! Caramel..everything, also. Wow, what fun to think about smells..and smiles! Love ya.

Senior Bowler-Carolyn said...

I love the smell of Apple Pie and cinnamon..it reminds me of going to my grandmothers house....I love all the fall smells of Yankee candles.....cinnamon, pumpkin, apple pie crisp.....

white o'morn cottage said...

I thought there was cologne called Cool Linen that is supposed to be beautiful. I've never smelled (or is it smelt?) a skunk as we don't have them here. They look so cute though.

Hey! you totally outdid me on Kimme's birthday song! Boohoo! (only joking ...fair play to you)

So -let's all turn up on Kimme's doorstep next year for a surprise. That'll teach her to be buying cottages in Ireland! I'll bring Angie and we'll go for a thrifting challenge USA versus Ireland!

Deb said...

Hi Colleen ~ I can still remember the smell of my new Barbie that I got for Christmas when I was 10!

By the way... Thanks for referring me to Banner of Blessings website. Very nice banners!

Keep up the good work on your weight loss program. :-)

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

Congrats on your on going weight loss! You are doing wonderful...

I love the smell of a camp fire in the cool fall air, the smell of chocolate cookies baking, the smell of onions and celery sauteeing in a pan with butter, right before I add it to the stuffing mix on Thanksgiving day. The smell of fresh lavender, peonies and old fashioned roses...

Julie said...

I have something skunky to send you. It's a picture in a set of pictures in an e-mail.

Every once in a while I get a scent of skunk in our yard or on one of the dogs, right here in town. Thank goodness they are vaccinated.

Know what I hate - those super sweet bathroom deodorizers that almost make you throw up they are so strong.

I also find I cannot use those stick diffusers. They seem such a cool item but I have had to throw two away because they were so strong they made me sick. And one was fresh linen. Though fresh linen scent in other forms is fine.