Thursday, September 4, 2008

I got a ...peircing....!!

Well, now I really look like I’m “out there”…..

I have pierced my eyebrow.. !!!

(ok, I totally taped the ear ring on...)

Well…..actually…truth be told, Bones the cat, pierced my eyebrow.

We were trying to trim her daggers....uh, claws, and she panicked and grabbed a hold of me..or should I say…my face eyebrow in particular….and hung on ( for dear life…..
So with blood streaming ( was....I had to get a Kleenex and everything...) we had Mother-in-law finish the job of holding down the cat while I put a band-aid on my brow.
(insert a really sad face here...)

Went back to work and told them the first story that “I had my eyebrow pierced!”

Sounded so much cooler than the whole-cat-trimming-fiasco story..
OK, back to vacation. We have a most favorite restaurant in the Denver area called Maggiano's Little Italy .. it looks as if Frank Sinatra himself could walk in at any minute … dark wood, marble, big tables with starched white linens, waiters in crisp white shirts and black pants with white half-aprons…

They serve possibly the BEST food there.

And you can get it “family style” at a set price for all and choices from like 2 appetizers from a list if 6, then 2 salads from a list, 2 pasta dishes, 2 entrées and 2 desserts!

But what’s really amazing, is they will BOX it all up!

As long as it’s on the table, it’s YOURS!

During dinner, they took the salads away and boxed them, put them in a pretty handled paper bag and started our “collection”...

With that kind of service, we find we don’t want to take advantage, as some might. We did order a lot of food, ate most, but still had tonzzzzz left over.

I don’t think we re-ordered but one entrée, (thinly pounded lemon chicken with roasted herbed potatoes) and of course, we had an extra Crème Brule (only because I didn’t see it in time) that was boxed … but everything else was from the original first order on the table..

They even had a cute little bunny on the lawn.

..(and yes, I checked. no "rabbit" on the menu..)

And that just about sums up the trip - fast - furious - fun - and very memorable! Can't wait to do it's next week for you???



Deb said...

Hi Colleen ~ Oh my goodness...I can't believe it... You went to Maggiano's Little Italy! I drive by there to and from work every M-F! Hubby and I have been to this restaurant quite a few times ourselves. It is very good :-) I would also like to go to the Parade of Homes... I don't know if it is still open this weekend or not? You take very nice pictures and I really enjoyed reading your past few posts. I hope I'm out of my "slump" and I will be posting more. Oh and I really like your new Banner picture! Cute!

Senior Bowler-Carolyn said...

Don't you just love the family style. Did you know restaurants did it here but in Mexico that have "El CENTRO ". Everything is put in the middle of the table on a big turntable and all share in the very good and alsmost like eating at home...

madrekarin said...

Oh, ouch!! Poor thing. :(

We have a Maggiano's here in Atlanta. I haven't been there yet, but now after your lovely critique, I will definitely put it on my list of places to visit.
Stay away from the cat for a while, k?

Pen Pen said...

Yummy.... food looks great. I knew you were too cool for me.... pierced eyebrow. Ha ha! Glad that kitty didn't get your eyeball!

~d said...

OH MY ! you and I were meant to BE! I have been scheming for 3 weeks.. a trip to see my sister in VA .. ahem.. FOR HER BIRTHDAY on 9/11..

just so happens: I've also been planning to attend MAGGIANO'S.. on said trip FOR HER .. um.. BIRTHDAY DINNER.. yes.. that's the ticket.

Do not tell her.. it is my alterior motive.

I ATE THIS CREPE TYPE THING LAST TIME. I have continually dreamt of it SINCE THE DAY IT went into my mouth.
ughhhh I MUST GO NOW! Can I ship you my dogs to baby sit so that I can GO. lol


Betty said...

I can't believe that Maggiano's looks a lot like the Soprano's house...teehee. Looks like a great place to eat!