Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Ah..the smell of success...

..yep. Another 3.8 lbs. down this week. And, I guess the smell of that success is as good as....

..when I drove up to the house after work, the smell of BACON whiffed through the neighborhood.

I got out of the car and smiled as I closed my eyes and just....inhaled.

Smiling. Standing there, keys dangling from my hand. Smiling and smelling...Mmmm...one of my very favorite smells...scents...aromas....

Then the realization hits me.....(cue the music from "Psycho") yink yink yink...iT's CoMIng FroM mY kITcHEn!!!!
Oh-dear-Ethel-Meman-in-Heaven...that sweet, salty, FATTY smell is coming from my house.
I walk in. Shake my head..is it true?? Did someone make......bacon and eggs for dinner???

Yep. Yeppers. Affirmative. Youbetcha. uh huh. Yes. that would be a positive.

What are you people thinking???? And me going to Weight Watchers ...TONIGHT??
Oh, did I mention the sesame bread, cut thick and toasted, then slathered with ReAL ButTer??

Then, further dressed in pure strawberry jam???

I shout..."Your high calorie-extra-crisp-buttery-Super Powers have NO effect on me!!"

Then I take my egg-beaters, non fat cheddar-cheese-like substance and make an omelet, with 2 thin slices of extra-fiber (!) dry-as-a-popcorn-fart bread, toasted (to try to breathe some life into it) and spread on sugar-free preserves. Salsa. Yes, Salsa. It can make even the most pitiful dish say "Ole"!


Well, it tries to anyway.

I have to admit, not a bad dinner-like-substitute after all. But someone had better toss those pan drippings out. I might just have to save some for my green-beans...or my roasted veggies..I wonder what my high-fiber bread would be like spread with bacon grease?
Yeah, well, sometimes it sucks to be me.

-me (artwork by Lowell Herrero - isn't it just too cute..??)


Irish Cottage Dreams said...

Awesome!! You are doing great!

Oh bacon....oh how i love bacon too!
Dang, I could really go for some right
now. But I will stand tall in solidarity
with you. Say "no" to bacon!
It is the devils fingers! LOL


Charmingdesigns said...

I dont know if you want to try it...but my daughter is a vegetarian and whe has gotten us hooked on Tofu bacon...its crispy and very good and actually has flavor. Let me know if you ever try it. I feel for you...just trying to help you out.lol. Laurie

Sweet Repose said...

The thing that makes it so funny is IT'S ALL SO FAMILIAR!!! One of the things I like about being single, there's not so much of that 'manfood' around the house...but even on the edge of the city where I live, my sensitive nose will catch that decodent smell of bacon frying somewhere in the jungles of mankind... ahh, sweet memories!

Kuddos girl!!!


Betty said...

I don't watch many commercials; but, I do always watch the beginning of the one with the dog running into the kitchen, thinking, "Bacon, Bacon, Bacon!" Love the aroma AND the taste. Is there such a thing as a 'baconholic'?? That would be me. You are doing so well on WW and I just adore the pictures in your post today. Take care.

Senior Bowler-Carolyn said...

You are so strong......not sure I could turn down the bacon....the eggs maybe and the bread but BACON....NEVER!!!!!!!!
Congrats on the 3+ lbs...Mr Man has lost 10.....damn men........

Kim~"HomeIsWhereTheHeartIs" said...


Bacon is my weakness...I can smell it now!


sounds like something my husband would make...congrats on the weight loss! hang in there...

Pen Pen said...

Bacon would be the biggest temptation ever... nothing smells better! Good for you to resist... dieting sucks, doesn't it?