Sunday, September 28, 2008

Bath time for Braxton... was a shower.

Yeah. It's a funny story.

I was in the shower and Braxie usually curls up on the bathmat waiting for me. He was there when Mr. B walked by the hallway looking for him. When he saw him there, he was teasing..

"Hey, little Buddy, wanna take a shower with Mommy? haha"
I heard this and said "Why not"?"

"The puppy shampoo is under the sink in the white bottle with the red label....just get me that and give him to me.."


"Yeah, I keep it under the sink all the time.."

"No, not about the shampoo...about Braxie?"

"Let's try.."
As he handed him into me, he was a bit apprehensive ...Mr. B...well, OK and Braxie.
As I held him I slowly put him under the soft sprinkles of our shower head - we have one of those big ones that sprinkle softly in a big area - he was fine.
Mr. B helped me get the shampoo on him and he was holding on tight to me, but not really upset.

We finished "our" shower and I handed Braxie off to his Daddy who had a huge, soft towel ready to wrap him up in.

He dried off fluffy and clean, and I did too. Well, not quite as fluffy as he, but just as clean anyway.

So, maybe instead of the cold porcelain sink, we may use this method for Braxie.

After, he was exhauted. Resting warmly under the quilt, he dozed.

Sweet dreams, Braxie...
"Hey Lulu...wanna shower??"...

"I can still see you even if you're hiding your eyes....

Nah, wouldn't try this with Lulu the Princess Warrior if my life depended on it...she has no sense of humor...



Kentucky Bound said...

Showering with the pups has actually become my method of choice for bathing both our dogs! I figure if I'm going to get wet anyway, why not make it worth my while . . . conserve water and all that stuff. Little Brigi USED to lay on the rug outside the shower while I was showering. Now, she's wise to the fact that I could be scooping her up to wash the pasture smell off of her at any given time, so she's taken to waiting outside the bathroom door.

Blessings from the creek!

Betty said...

We've always bathed our 'kids' in the really well for us. Glad it worked for you, too. Sounds like a fun time was had by all...even Lulu, 'cause she didn't have to get wet! Love ya.

Charmingdesigns said...

Thats great. My daughter took a shower with her cat...ummm, didn't go so well...she wore her jeans and just gave the cat something to hang on to. oh dear it was funny...then she had to try to take off her wet clothes while still in the shower...gave us a good laugh...that was 2 years ago...cats doesn't need a bath...EVER, she says now. lol. Laurie

white o'morn cottage said...

Those eyes! I am in love with him!

Julie said...

This is so cute - and funny!

Sweet Repose said...

I'm not even going there with you...I still got the visual planted firmly in my mind...I am so lucky to have a grooming shop set up in my house and the cleanest (most pissed off) dog in town...lucky Scratchy, that's what we call her...bah humbug!!!