Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Is it?...Or, isn't it?????

Well, week one and I lost 3 lbs. Pretty good since I don't feel I've missed out on a thing.

So, Weight Watchers will have me for another week.......... at least.....

My sister Kathy found this fun site where you can make a virtual model of yourself at any weight. Imagine! And I don't even have a wide screen monitor!

Then, you can customize, change hair color, even put your head on the cartoon body - and you can make the model turn around.

I don't think my Grand kiddos have EVAH seen me in a ...dress !? ...Oh yeah..they still haven't...this ISN'T me...LOL!
360 degree mirror just like in "What Not To Wear"...

Come play!

ready for winter??


Anyway, go to http://www.mvm.com/en/index.php and make a "mini-you!"

This could be fun.....



madrekarin said...

Even though it's not really you, you look great in the dress. :)
What a fun site. Honestly, who thinks these things up?

Irish Cottage Dreams said...

Well aren't you cute all dressed up
for winter!!

Congrats on the 3lbs :)


Laurie and Chris said...

Congratulations on losing 3 lbs!!!! That is great. The web site looks like fun I will have to check it out.

the old schoolhouse said...

I think you look lovely as you are ,best of luck , and keep up the good work,Angie xx

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

You did good! 3 Pounds is alot to loose in a week.

Love "you" in the red dress and cool jacket!

I received my sweet plates today in the mail. Oh My Goodness, they are so cute! Thank you again!!

Jan said...

Just like a Barbie doll! LOL! I'm gonna have to go try that out when I have a couple of minutes!

Deb said...

Hi Colleen ~ This is a fun website. I dressed myself in all kinds of outfits. It was like dressing a barbie doll. HA! Keep up the good work... 3 lbs is a lot for a week. :-)

Betty said...

You are adorable, no matter what you wear! You have the most beautiful smile and the happiest countenance (there's an old word, eh?)! Don't misunderstand when I say...You are a loser! (Weight, I mean!) Good for you!