Monday, September 8, 2008

Sleeping beauty....

...yeah...that's what she looks like when she's all cuddly in her bed. But just a little bit before I snuck( is that a word?? Snuck, sneaked, tip-toed in..) in and took this photo this morning...she was pouncing, jumping, kissing, and yelping to go out.

Only, when I opened the door, she looked at me like I was nuts.

"It's chilly out there!"

"So, OK Lulu, let's go back to sleep for a while, 'K??"

"OK,. Daddy, I think I've got a chill - can you cover me??"

And, like the good Daddy he is, she was covered.

Yeah..that's what she'd be saying if she could talk.

I remember my kids looked really really cute when they were sleeping, too.

Hmm..and just like the kids, these pups of mine make me smile, frustrate me to no end, give love unconditionally, get on my nerves, make me want to kiss them all the time, miss them when they're not with me.

They know when Mommy has had enough...then come the sad puppy-dog eyes and the adorable poses. (the kids...and yes, I guess the pups too)

And just like my children, I feel responsible for their comfort, their happiness and their socialization.

So far, it's working..........well, for the dogs, anyway.............


ps- Braxton says Hello..and .....can we play...and can I have a cookie..and why does SHE get the covers??


Charmingdesigns said...

oh my goodness!! what wonderful glue??? lol Lauri

madrekarin said...

Awwww. Colleen, yours are the luckiest pups on earth! Lulu under her blankie just melts my heart.
I think Braxton needs one too. :)

Irish Cottage Dreams said...

Ohhhh! Look at those faces!
They are the sweetest!


Jan said...

Hey Sweetie! I'm catching up on my visiting and had to stop by and say hey! It looks like you had a wonderful vacation! The biker party brought back memories because, yes, I was a biker chick in another life! *sigh*
You're starting your "diet" and I told my to hit the road! LOL! I've gotta find something to do, but starving didn't seem like a good choice! : )
Love to see your poochies! They're so sweet!
Take care and hugs to you!

white o'morn cottage said...

A pair of dotes! This is the highest of accolades. Give them both a belly rub for Pam

the old schoolhouse said...

Hi Colleen lovely photos have been a bit dodgy lately [bad back] will be back soon Angie xx

supah ~d said...

tooo cute
fern willow and rosey say hi to braxton and lu lu

Brenda said...

Now that is beautiful!

Betty said...

What adorable glad I had the chance to meet them...they are precious! I'll take them anyday!