Friday, September 26, 2008

Hello and thank you all..

...It's been a rough week, month, and year. Our faith has been tested but it endures. Our family has had some challenges, but nothing in comparison to that of my friend loosing his child.

I know there are Angels around me and they are guiding me and have led me to all of you, all over the world, who listen, laugh and cry with me...and celebrate with me. Who gave me a shoulder to cry on, who spurred me on to try to be funny in the face of despair.

This blog has been my therapy, my friend, my outlet. And, without it, I would never have known all of you.

Thank you for the love and wonderful prayers sent to complete strangers, and to your support of me in my sad times as well as joyful times..

Thank you for taking the time to drop a line to me - it means more than you know.

We are attending the funeral of the baby of my co-worker tomorrow. Mr. B. and my Mother-in-Law, Evelyn are going with me - so support me and to show love and care for a young, grieving family.

This is just one more "gift" I have been given. And I have been given much...

So, as a wee token of my thanks, I wanted to share a collage that may make you smile and enjoy this wonderful, chaotic, terrifying, silly life I have been given.

I truly do love you all-



Sweet Repose said...

A life cut so short only has purpose in another dimension, there it will be full and rewarded.

My sympathy to yours and the families sorrow.


Betty said...

Your collage is a wonderful way to show your love. I know your co-worker's family is so appreciative of your sympathy and are a REALLY good person, you know! Love you.

Charmingdesigns said...

Take care my friend!! Laurie

Pen Pen said...

You all are in my thoughts... such a sad event! I love your collage and we do truly have LOTS to be thankful for!

white o'morn cottage said...

Colleen, I was sitting here in my little corner of God's pocket as happy as one can be in this flawed world. I read your post and hit the ground with a bang... I read your post out to my husband, Paul, I said to Paul "How do I respond to that?... and he opened his mouth to answer when...on the radio came the song by Neil Young "Only Love Can Break Your Heart"
So, with that in mind I send love and support to you and that unknown(unknown to me, but I - as a stranger care) family...

Love can fill your heart
Love can move mountains
Love can make dreams come true
Love can be lost and it hurts like hell
Love is worth the risk
Love will get you through
Please tell your co-worker this...

You are hurting only because of love. Children enter and leave this world -sometimes without ever knowing love and without causing heartbreak when they leave.

Your little one is not one of these but is with many of these little ones now and can share with them what is is to be so loved and be so precious - to share the experience with them. Maybe that is the role set out for your loved one.
I wish I could be of more help to you all. I am with you all tomorrow. Love and best wishes...Pam