Sunday, September 21, 2008, OK, then it was off to our home... see what Mr. B was up to.

You could smell it from the driveway. And not is a bad way...(gotta love a man that cooks!)
...he "sears" the meat first and the spices get all hot and aromatic...then roasts it in a slow the smell "gets ya" all day long!

A sirloin roast, in the oven, sprinkled with whatever concoction he puts on it to make me think of good times with good food and good friends.

Rachael's birthday was on Monday the 15th, and we usually see them on Saturdays. So, last Saturday, we said "Why don't we have a little cook-out to celebrate your birthday...ah..late??"

She said "OK"
..and so the plan was set into motion.

Mr. B said, "well, why don't we invite Jenny, Brooks and the boys over?"

I said "That'll be good...we should ask Rachael's parents, Pam & Steve..."

"Yeah, we haven't seen them in quite a'll be fun and I can always throw another burger on the grill.."
"OK - great, now let's see - Grandma Evelyn, Jeff & Rachael, Steve & Pam, Jenny, Brooks, Brahm and Oliver and you & about Sacha from work?"

"No problem. We've got plenty of room - we can always set up another table outside.."

Seems we let everyone know, maybe with the exception of Mother nature. Rain in the forcast for Saturday.

Change in plans - the simple cook-out turned inside- and why serve hamburgers if you can't grill them...and why have just anything when you have good friends and family coming over..and one thing led to another..and another..and .....this is the result -(and oh, by the way, no rain. Nope. Nada. )



Beef roast w/ Horseradish Sauce

Loaded Smashers



Mixed Veggies (straight from Sacha's garden!)

Sesame Bread

Cherry Yogurt Pie

Key Lime Yogurt Pie


The kids brought these flowers they picked for us on their drive from their home..

I don't know why I didn't take photos of the food- I usually do - I think I was too hungry to take the time to take pictures!

Grandma Evelyn found this darling "cake" that was actually a combo of white cupcakes and chocolate cupcakes! They were a big hit...they smelled good..heavy sigh...

It looked better before the rush was on to get a cupcake - I finally yelled "STOP! I don't have a picture of it!"

I said "lean in and act like you like each other..

Jeff & Rachael - and Brahm...

Steve & Pam...and Brahm..

Grandma Evelyn & Sacha...hey where's Brahm??

Oh, here he is..with Oliver trying to give himself bunny-ears..

(and, no, that's not a beer on their table..Cream Soda..yeah, you know you were thinking it was totally were..ah huh)

Jenny was out of town, so I told Mr. B and Brooks to "act like you like each other"..

Oh, and then Sacha grabbed my camera and said
.."So, act like you like each other "
which is an easy thing for us to do...
Have a great week and maybe you can figure out the mystery of how, when trying to put away the left-overs, the amount of food to put back in seems like more, even when you've feed everyone and sent home "doggie bags" ??


Charmingdesigns said...

Sounds like you all had a lovely time. laurie

Senior Bowler-Carolyn said...

I love your little plate with the messages on them....keep telling the # 1 daughter we need to do that and just do not ever get to by one of find one. I have lots of plate holders since I collect BIRD much fun to have family and friends around....

Betty said...

I like all the pictures; but, I LOVE the one of you and Mr. B. Every picture I've seen of the two of you together you're always smiling and looking so in love. Good for you guys! Love ya.

La Dolce Vita with LeAnn said...

And a fun time was had by all....I love the birthday plate, I have the same oak oval in the center of my table :)

Scallops were big enough to place right on the grill, I had about 12 left over drop by I'll let you take them home.

madrekarin said...

I want to come to your house for dinner. :)

Brenda said...

I bet the food was great. The menu sure sounds so.
Glad you could have a good weekend.

Jean said...

Yummm! Sound like a wonderful meal and all the friends and family make it that much better! Love how you wrote the menu on a platter. Adorable idea. Jean

Mary said...

Oh a man who cooks. It must be wonderful coming home to the smells! It makes my mouth water! All I can smell is my need to go to the grocery store. I am living off of tomato sandwiches with the tomatoes out of my garden. What I wouldn't give for the smell of meat! Kuddos to Mr. B!

Julie said...

Oh, I am just drooling over the whole menu. Our beef roasts are very ordinary. Just slow cooked until the meat is super tender, and served with mashed potatoes and gravy. But Dan does do the spicy thing with pork roasts. Yum.