Saturday, March 8, 2008

Saturday in Sandy...

...Utah that is :-)

Hello all,

Hope your day was fun-filled and not too catch-up-on-all-the-stuff-I-can't-do-during-the-week-stuff.

I took some time out to go on a hunt.

Yep, a hunt. For a specific item I thought was missing from one of my vignettes.

A thermos. A tall, work thermos.

The kind Daddy would have taken along with his EVERYDAY same lunch of PB&J sandwich on white bread. And coffee...

I need variety in my lunches.

Mr. B always takes the same too, now that I think of it. Beef lunch meat sandwich on grain bread with mustard. A banana for breakfast, one ginormous mug of coffee, Spicy V-8 juice, carrots and a baggie of Cheerios.

Not so much me - I need many varieties of Lean Cuisine (or Mr. B's dinner leftovers), water, Crystal Light, celery with Ranch dressing for dipping, a Diet Coke for emergencies, (I'm trying to quit...) yogurt, dry cereal,etc, etc.

One would think I was going away for a month!

Back to the thermos. I wanted a vintage one - not new looking at all. You know, the tall kind, usually green, maybe dented for effect....

Well, I found one! And the previous owner even fashioned a handle that he added..

Yep, I went "thrifting"...or should I say "antiquing"...not at all like yard sales I'll tell you. The prices were sooo high. And to think I have given much of the types of things they were selling away to the Goodwill.....

Anyhow, I found it and I am happy. I also found a green door thingy to put on my "screen door" on the front room door.

Also found these curlers...I swear, before the pink-spongy ones came out, I had these in my is, indeed, painful...

OK, so if you're "out & about" tomorrow, and if you see this magazine,

buy it! I promise you won't be disappointed. It has tonzzzzz of ideas this time (although I do love it every time I see it one the newsstands!) It even had an advertising insert for, of all things, Styrofoam, that is pure genius. You'll just have to see for yourself...

Have a great Sunday. We're going to try to catch the Sunday Brunch at the new to Utah Cheesecake Factory...Hmmmmmm..




White O'Morn Cottage said...

Hi, lovely finds. Is that a button jar I see? I have just started off a button jar.
My account has been suspended due to a tech glitch that they are working on. Should be fixed soon.


I love Cheesecake factory! the food is ok and the cheesecake is the best!Have a good time!

Anonymous said...

I am glad you found what you were looking for. my dad had one of those all my life I remeber it went every where we did.