Sunday, March 16, 2008

Now this is what Saturdays should be..

Yeppers..the day started off sunny and sorta warm-ish - probably in the high 40's.

Ended up snowing later in the evening- just like someone shook the snow-globe. It was quite pretty and Mr. B had already taken all of the remodeling stuff to the curb we sat inside and enjoyed it.

We went to a thrift sore here called Deseret Industries (DI for short). It's run by the Mormon church and there are several around the valley.

We go in periodically to see what new...and today I scored big this "vase-like-lamp" for $5!'s kinda different - it really was not meant to have a shade...

Then I picked up this little cheese-dome - thought it would look cute with a small nest with eggs in it - for $1

These bowls are pretty big - good for chips and the like for parties - and for $1 each, couldn't pass them up. Not a chip on either...

(excuse the drill still sitting on the turn-table..heehee...)

I also spotted this..


Don't know who's in the photo - but the frame is heavy and only $1. We also saw, but I didn't buy, a large frame with someone's wedding photo still in it! Totally from the 80's - big hair on her and him with a mullet - how funny! Even if you're going to donate the frame- at least take out the photo, people!Embarrassing to say the least...

Then I wondered if the frame I bought might be magnetic -
it silly duck would attest to..

These western star hooks are cast iron and heavy - and at 50 cents each, a real bargain..

Can't forget the pups...found this tin with some cute pictures - got it solely for the artwork..cute, huh?

Found this cute little bird..50 cents..

Then, at a "regular" store, World Market, found this GREAT bag. It was on the 75% off table but did not have a price tag attached. The other bags were all about $24.99 before discount.... I picked it up and carried it around until I found someone to ask - she sent me to the register and when the girl scanned it said "$2.47"

SHUT UP! That's like 90% off! (see, I CAN do math when I want to)

I thought it would be like $15 or $20 dollars, at least! She entered the SKU numbers again and came up with the same amount...$2.47..I'll take it says I..


( the round things are like blig-y round shiny objects)...and it's lined with this pretty lime-ish green...

The colors are really much more vibrant than they show here. I LOVE it!

Have a great Sunday and remember to flush, wash, brush, floss...and call your Mother!



Anonymous said...

You've made my day once again! So fun reading about the treasures you have found. I could go to the same store, see the same things and not realize what treasures they are. You have a great eye for the "not-so-obvious-to-the-rest-of-us" stuff.

Happy Sunday. Betty

Anonymous said...

I have never seen so many great finds at great prices. Girl you hit the jackpot.

Mary said...

I need you to come shopping with me. I am in such a funk about my home. Usually I am very creative and come up with ideas but lately I can't seem to see beyond the same old stuff. Thanks for the motivation!

madrekarin said...

Cute bag!! I so wish we had DI here in Georgia. When my son was at the Missionary Training Center in Provo, he needed a winter coat. He did not take one because he thought that he was tough enough for a few months in the Utah winter.)A friend of mine went to DI, with me on the phone with her, bought one for $4.97, drove to the MTC and delivered it to the front desk. He had it that afternoon! And I felt like I was a part of the whole thing. :) He left it for another missionary when he left for Mexico. He was not going to need it there!!

The Feathered Nest said...

Neat stuff Colleen!!!! and I just love your bag ~ good snag on that one for sure! I love that little dome, why is it everything looks wonderful under glass? Maybe I should have one over my face!! xxoo, Dawn

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hi, colleen, I see someone else loves thrifting & yardsales too! And we got the very same cheese dome yesterday for $1.00! How about that. You got some neat stuff.

Thank you so much for stopping by!


white o'morn cottage said...

Wow! What a haul! Well done. My favourite? that glass lamp, and the doggie tins, and and...well I love it all!...Cheers Pam

the old schoolhouse said...

hi colleen well you have been busy what a wonderful stash the lamp is the buisness dont you just love thrift shops you never know what treasure you will find that is if your treasure lovin sister is not with you its like a race around the shop she says i have an eye that just scans the shop ye ha .


score! what a great summer purse. Were you able to dumpster dive? or to much snow?

Teacher -n- Training said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the bag! I will need to go to our World Market and see if I can find it. Have a great day!

Kentucky Bound said...

Wow! There's hardly anything better than a good day of "junquing", thrifting, and bargain hunting - unless, of course, it's a good day of dumster diving and trash pickin'! Looks like you made quite a haul! Can't wait to see all of your finds in action in future posts.


~~~~~d~~~~ said...

I LOVE that you say " SHUTUP!" You are a riot. I would've said the same thing to score a purse for that cost. That's only 2 Wendy's Jr. Bacon cheeseburgers and some change. cHA ChinG.. nice deal!! Love the bowls too. I'm renovating my kitchen: it's a disaster. But I've yet to figure out how to pick my theme.