Friday, March 28, 2008

...people..people who need people...

There's been a lot of talk lately about "people".

Not in the sense you'd think of, really.

It's like "PEOPLE" know ... as in "I got people..."

(I just looked a the word 'people' and it looks sooo weird - like it's spelled wrong..what a funny word - guess I never really looked at it before..huh..??'s like 'pe-ople' or 'peop -le' .... strange...)

Anyway, the H&R Block commercials say they "got people".

And just yesterday on Ellen she was talking to a young actor and mentioned his 'people'.

I guess it's like "have your people call my people and we'll do lunch" kind of thing.

I don't have people. People aren't family. People aren't even friends. They' know...people.

Don't think I really need people...but I wouldn't mind being a 'people'..

People give advice...I could do that.

People make plans...I could do that, too.

People tell you what to wear, how to do your taxes, what interviews to give...I could do tha...well, except maybe the taxes thing.

I think I have found a new skill for my resume...I want to be a people !

I think the pre-requisite for being a people is being a Mom. Except Brittany Spear's Mom.

Or Paris's. Oh, and Lindsey's... Hmm... 'nuff said.

You know who would be a good people? My sister Gerri.

She doesn't take guff from anyone.

Her kids send their kids to "Camp Grandma" when they are bad.

It's not that she's mean - quite the contrary - she's very nice. But smart. And tough. And did I mention smart? She's so smart, you can't get anything by her. Don't try. I'm tellin' ya....

I think my brother Larry is a little afraid of her. I don't want her mad at me. I think she once made an IRS guy cry..I know hospitals that shudder when she's admitted......

"you'd better find something wrong and fix it this time, Doc..."

And when she had heart surgery, Kathy, Larry and I took turns helping out at her home for a one week stint each...we called it "Gerri Duty" know... like Jury Duty...something you really wanna do but kinda fear all at the same time...

She has been known to stare down an angry horse, dump my very bad "starter-husband" on the floor- in the mattress - while he was still in it....

I think there should be a "Don't mess with Texas" flag at her horse property but with the Texas marked out and replaced with "Gerri"...

Now there's a people.....

Know anyone who's hiring??


Anonymous said...

That was sweet and love the picture. Thanks for the advise. I will play with that. The birds on your header would be great hehe.

Mary said... me thinking this morning. People. I guess when I think of the phrase 'I've got people' I think of all my family and friends. Anyone who would defend me were the 'bad' people to come get me. Your sister would fall into that category for you i'm sure! Have a great day!


that is to funny about your sister...I can hear the admiration when you speak of her.

April said...

I think we should make Gerri a "Don't mess with Gerri" flag! That would be a hoot! She is definitely a triple S in my book:
smart, strong, and stubborn!It is nice that we always have someone who is willing and able to jump in and help us when someone is trying to take advantage/hurt us. Although we all may fear her a little at times, she is definitely someone I want on my side and she has a heart the size of Texas as well! The Sullivan sisters rock!!

Kentucky Bound said...

I'll have my people call your people about the people person position that's been posted! Your resume is awesome!

P.S. TAG! You're it!

Pen Pen said...

Everyone needs a "Gerri" in their life. Lucky you, to have her for a sister. And she's lucky to have you! You got "people".


Hi Colleen, had to pop in & say hello, we have the same name & are "about" the same age. I have to say you gave me a good laugh, reading about your "scarey" sister, being "old" etc.. You know what gets me, the little girls at the supermarket checkout who talk to me like I'm ancient. Are we old to everyone under 40? I still work too. Retirement, what's that? Hope you will come by for a visit.
Cheers, Coll :-}


Me again, I added you to my list of people I love to visit.
Coll :-}

the old schoolhouse said...

hi colleen now you know me (angie, and pam well now we have another blogging sister teda ,you can find her on pams sidebar.Hope you like her blog ,shes the one that sorted out mine and pams new banner,you see now shes not people any more shes beadiva handcrafted jewelerybye for now angie