Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Just another day on Main Street??

....not really. It's Alyssa's 17th. birthday. She's my first granddaughter and becoming a real beauty. She's smart, VERY smart... sincere, and kind. She's blossoming into a lovely young woman. Tall and reed thin, (naturally - her Dad's side!) and has the most amazingly long thin fingers. Very delicate and naturally graceful.

We'll see her the week-end after next on our Denver visit. Can't wait.

So, Happy Birthday, Alyssa!
Other news from Main Street...

We have neighboring family who we see "over the fence" occasionally and at Christmas, etc.

The other day, while going in from my car, we said "Hello" and I asked how she was..
...found out she lost her sister to cancer 3 weeks ago and her Mother shortly before that.

I never knew. I never asked. I feel bad. I should have been more aware - called occasionally, whatever...

So today I am making her a cake and will offer it and a card with our sympathies.

A day late and a dollar short.....

But I know she will be gracious and I think her 2 young sons and her husband will enjoy the cake.

It sometimes takes more than good intentions to be a good neighbor.

If you have someone in your neighborhood that could use a cheery "hello", take the time to say never know what they are having to deal with.

I know I will try t be better at "actions" rather than "intentions"...


Pen Pen said...

Happy Birthday to beautiful Alyssa. I know what you mean about the neighbor thing. I have backyard neighbors that we see from time to time. Last time I visited with the wife, I found out her dad had died and that she had a new granchild. (never knew the daughter was expecting) I want to be a better neighbor too!

Xerofall said...

Wha wha? One of her sisters passed and her mother? I had no idea. Dang. You'd think that would be stuff they'd wanna tell us. But maybe they're more private with stuff like that.



Happy Birthday to your beautiful grandaughter!

the old schoolhouse said...

id say your a lovely neighbour im sure she knows your heart was in the right place angie