Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Long in the tooth??

I was watching some program once, may have been Oprah, where they were talking about facial features.

The doctor they had on said a 'youthful' face would include the "front teeth being slightly longer than the others."

I remember that ...why? I don't know...but for a while I looked at people's teeth (not face to face - that'd be rude..) but on TV, in magazines, yadda yadda and he was right.

The one's that I noticed had longer front teeth did appear to be more 'youthful'..

Why am I remembering this now? Well the other day I was looking through some old photos and found one of me when I was about 16 or 17. My front teeth were slightly longer than the others.

And now, not so much...

and it brought to mind the old saying "long in the tooth"...and it got me wondering..

So I looked up exactly what long in the tooth meant...

"long in the tooth"
to be very old. Don't you think she's a bit long in the tooth to be a romantic heroine?
Etymology: based on the idea that teeth grow longer in some animals as they get older

: : : : : : "Long in the tooth" means old. It refers to the fact that one can determine a horse's age by looking at its teeth. A horse's gums recede as it ages causing its teeth to look "long."

Huh again...All I know is that my front teeth are NOT as long as they once were.

Which makes me wonder, did my 'other than front 2 teeth' keep growing?
Did I grow into my teeth?

Did the front 2 stop growing?

Did I wear down the front 2?

Will they continue to not grow?

If I live to be 100, will they be teesny nubs of teeth?

Will my dentist file the other ones so my front ones can look slightly longer??

Oh my, too much to think about...

But think about it...makes you crazy not to have the answer, huh?

Just another thing that makes you go "Huh?"

So, have a little "coffee love" and a great day...

...and maybe tomorrow we'll talk about "you can't teach an old dog new tricks"..
..and then again, maybe not.



Mary said...

You know I never noticed my front teeth until you mentioned it. I always thought my lips were getting thinner but maybe my teeth were getting shorter...LOL!
Don't you just love coffee with hearts in it! Have a great day!

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Now that's interesting! And funny!

Xerofall said...

Your mama's so old, when they say "long in the tooth" to her it's because she's actually a saber toothed tiger.


What? That barely made sense.
"Your mama" jokes are funny though.


Pen Pen said...

What a funny post. My daughter has always wanted her two front teeth filed down, as hers are slightly longer. Someone in school told her she had rabbit teeth, once upon a time, and she has never forgotten it. Now I shall tell her those rabbit teeth make her young!


You know they (whoever they are??) say that you shrink as you grow older, maybe it is true with your teeth too...now you have me looking at my teeth in the mirror to see if I have that youthful look or not!

Sarah said...

Cute post, you have me thinking.

Anonymous said...


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