Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Zumba 2...the Sequel

Yes, I did it again.

Zumba-ed. Past in I did it earlier tonight..

Only now I am realizing what's wrong..

You know how some people have cankles? You know, where their calves and ankles are

un-distinquishable?..indistinguishable.. uh...can't distinguish between where the calf ends and the ankle begins?


Well, since my double mastectomy and my being overweight..I have no distinguishable delineation between my chest and my abdomen..

I have a ........chesdomen..

So, while the instructor is moving various parts in very different directions, I seems to be directionally-challenged..

But not so..I just seem to be not moving because all of me is moving in straight direction.... because of my....

..chestomen  !!

Huh..Zumba class can be sooooo enlightening.

Oh that, and that I have no rhythm...or coordination..
Actually, I do have coordination..just look at my Zumba clothes...cute T-shirt, leggings, matching earrings, darling socks and tasteful shoes.

Oh, and my hair doesn't move like that either..

Oh, and that you can almost get a black eye while "boxing" with your eyes closed to very fast Latin music..and that it hurts really really bad when you upper-cut yourself..

..and "IS SHE CRYING?? There's no crying in Zumba!

I haven't had injuries like this since I was the Duck in Duck, Duck, Goose in Andy's kindergarten class..


So, teachers can come from anywhere in the universe...

Where are yours from?? I'd love to hear about them :-)



Trudy Callan said...

Sounds like you deserve a long relaxing soak in the tub with candles and soft music.

Coordinator for The Artistic Mother's Art Group

Vicki said...

Oh I love the morning giggles Colleen! And can relate to the middle roundabout (o:
I need to find me a ZUMBA class too. Sounds like fun..
Keep going and letting us in on all the fun. You may find out the chestomen just dances itself away (o:

diane said...

Good for you. Soon you'll get back the bit that is missing. I am the teacher!

Karen said...

I applaud the fact that you actually get out there and exercise. I've been SAYING I need to exercise for quite a while now and it's just not happening.

Sweet Repose said...

Try learning Tai Chi from a video sometime...David Carradine says swing out with your right Grasshopper...but on the TV it looks have a millisecond to think it out, by that time the Charlie horse sets in...time for a swing on the ol' porch swing...can't get hurt there...doesn't hurt my brain either!

Have a good one ol' friend!


Vee said...

You're a plucky little puddleduck now aren't you?! You've got more grit in your little finger than I have in my entire body. I'd so be wailing and moaning and carrying on and I'd have already decided that it was just too much. But I'm watching and perhaps learning and maybe just maybe thinking about moving, too, when my pinch is gone.

Just Breathe said...

I haven't heard of Zumba, I will have to check it out. I don't have cankles but I don't think my ankle could handle it. I have one that will give me issues. Well I am sure my asthma couldn't handle it either. Thank you for all the laughs and illustrations. Fun as always.

Sue said...

LOL, after reading this (and identifying totally with you), I think you should take up yoga instead.




Life is good! said...

too funny! my children have taught me the most, not really what i wanted to learn, but they have taught me more than anyone!

Chrissykat said...

You make me laugh harder than any comedy show I watch on TV. What a gift! Rock on "Zumba Queen", Rock on!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Colleen, that gave me a good laugh. I don't have Cankles but I'm working on it!
Kimme is coming in mid April. Yo' is invited to the blog party too if you can make it? Cheers..Pam

Pearl said...

I just love you Colleen you brighten everybody's day! This was too cute! Don't forget the Cha Cha Cha!

Julie said...

I still have my boobs but I too have a chestdomen!