Monday, March 29, 2010

I l.o.v.e. Sushi !

Wait..what? No, not to EAT..ick..

My new office partner - Sushi- the beautiful Beta fish..{so, does "beta" mean it's still in the experimental stages?? }

I had another Beta for 5 years..some of you may remember Angelina Jolee {yes, it was a male Beta, but had really big lips..and yes, I could totally have gone with Mick Jagger..but..}

Bygones..poor AJ ( I called him AJ) died during a winter snowstorm back in '02..

(hey, that sounded like a voice over movie promo by Sam Elliot...huh..??)

We had a power outage..poor AJ..seems he didn't like the cold much..I think he froze his fish-sticks off...'

....hahahahhaa, I crack me up sometimes...

But, as Sam would say...{in his deep gravely voice} "There's a new sheriff fish in town.."


He's talented...does impersonations..

Here he is impersonating a Boeing 747..

And here he is with "Hungry" from Weight Watcher's..

Guess that was kinda insensitive of me to pose Hungry with Sushi..

But, as a non-Sushi eater...I wouldn't really have made the connection now would I??

{Special instructions for the cleaning crew..}

Well, I vote for a new holiday..."Bring your fish to work Day"

.....but not on a bun ...with tarter sauce..
Oh, and little dose of Western "hubba-hubba... "

"The Shadow Riders" I think from the '80's
and remember.....

"a kiss without a mustache is like a pick-up without a gun rack.."


Propoquerian said...

I love your quote! but i guess i've only had one real kiss in my life then!

Laurie said...

I love this post, love Sushi, Sam Elliot, Tom Selleck, and LOVE that quote! I need to remember that one! Hmmmm...come to think of it, all my past boyfriends and my husband have a mustache...

Just Breathe said...

Well I must say that I ALWAYS find myself laughing out loud when I am at your blog :o Thank you. Wow Sam Elliot and Tom Selleck together. Two handsome men!
Well welcome Miss Sushi! and I don't eat sushi.

Vee said...

Hahhahaha...funny quote! Oh shoot, every one of your posts is full of fun and that's why I love to visit here. Don't be mean to that pretty fish now...

Heather said...

love that quote! your new fish is so cute!

Joyce said...

I love coming here to read about your latest hysterical adventure. Totally makes my day.

ain't for city gals said...

Loving Sam...oh my!!

Vicki said...

Welcome Sushi! to Colleen's hoot of a blog! I think he/ She? will fit right in. As for the mustachios..Sam is a hunk with his..without.ummm not so, but you can still close your eyes and listen to his voice..ummm. Ok thanks for the to bed I go.

Pearl said...

To funny! I love Sam! I love Sushi (the fish)and love my special Beta "LOve" named by my then 4 year old Grandaughter! Have a great week kid.

Sweet Repose said... the drool is not from the sushi...but Tom and Sam...yeah girl, we're just from the old school...a hairy chest, a stash and a beard...nuthin' like it, these young whipper-snappers don't have a clue...a cowboy hat is a uniform, right...sigh...

diane said...

giggle, giggle giggle, I just love the hungry puppet through the bowl. I wonder what Sushi thinks of those googly eyes. It is supposed to be calming watching fish but I doubt anything is calm when you are around, wishing for a moustache to come along for a snog.

Artistic Accents by Darla said...

LOVE this post Colleen!! I had a Beta once and it must have been ill. It just started ....well, deteriorating! ick
I'd love to try another, they're so pretty!
LOVE the mustache quote! I might have to borrow that one! :)
Have a great day and thanks for stopping by! I DO remember hearing about people using T.P.!! :)

Kelly Ballard said...

Sam there is one sexy man!!!

Second Hand Chicks

Sue said...

Sam Elliott and Tom Selleck, wow can't get much better than that!

Sushi? haha on the boeing imitation. Actually hahaha on this whole post. Loved it!


Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

"a kiss without a mustache is like a pick-up without a gun rack.."

Ohhhh I like that!!! ,-)

Julie said...

For the life of me I could not figure out what that thing was behind your fish until you told us.

"A kiss without a mustache?" I would actually like that. When I met Dan he was without a mustache but has had one most of our married life. I don't like hairs sticking up my nose. And the funniest thing is stars who shave off their mustaches if you've never seen them without. Like Tom Sellick. Too weird!