Friday, March 12, 2010

Guess who's birthday it is today..go on..


Nope, not mine.

Nope, not Mr. B's..

Okay, Okay, I'll tell ya..

It's my most-beautiful-FIRST granddaughter-ever!

Yeppers, Happy Birthday my Sweetie College girl!

You were sooo teeny when they brought you could fit into the palm of your Dad's hand..

We saw a photo of you next to a small white teddy bear and you two were about the same size.

You had oxygen, and were prettier, but you two were the same size...small and cuddly.

I wasn't there when you were born like I was for Brian..but I remember the phone call to your Grandpa and I living in San Francisco..and the happy happy voice of your very exhausted Mommy..

I was sooo far away and wanting so badly to meet hold you.

Turns out I had to wait a couple of months, but on a very-too-quick lay-over in Denver from one of my stupid necessary-at-the-time business trips, your Mom introduced you to me while we ran from one gate, one plane to another gate, another plane..(this was when we had the freedom to actually met people at the gates..and walk with them while at the know.."the good old days"..)

What I saw shook me to the very center. You were the most beautiful child-baby-sweetie-girl I had ever seen..even more beautiful than your reportedly "most-beautiful-baby-in-the-world" Mommy had been..

So I got to hold you, still sleeping, and wanting so badly to awaken you, but not wanting to disturb your sweet sleep..

And our love and bond started that day, in a busy airport, and has continued to grow and blossom and mature...just like you have, all the while maintaining that beautiful , sweet, elegance that is you..

..and I am constantly amazed at my great good fortune to be a part of your life..

..and I am constantly amazed at your beauty and grace..your sweet essence ..

..and I am constantly amazed at your maturity, your intelligence, your moral and ethical view of life and everything, everyone that shares your world..

..and I am constantly praying for your safety, your good health, your continuous quest for learning and loving and living..

..and I am smitten with anything "Alyssa".

I love you Sweetie-Girl...Happy 19th year of your wonderful, fabulous life..

-Grammie & Grandpa


Breezy said...

Beautiful tribute to a beautiful young lady!

Heather said...

aww Happy Birthday to your granddaughter. she looks like a very sweet girl.

Artistic Accents by Darla said...

Happy Birthday Alyssa!

Vee said...

Beautiful tribute for a beautiful grandgirlie! Loved the story of your meeting for the first time.

diane said...

How lovely. Your love for our granddaughter brought tears to my eyes.Her mom looks a lot tike you too. You have a lovely family because you were great parents I bet. Happy Birthday Alissa.

Karen said...

she's gorgeous. How lucky you both are to have each other.

Anonymous said...

I do like ur article~!!! ........................................

Just Breathe said...

Aww, that is so sweet. She is so beautiful and I can hear in your words how in awe you are and how in love your are with your sweet granddaughter. You are blessed.

Chrissykat said...

What an incredibly lucky girl to have a grandma who loves her like you do...yes, a lucky girl indeed.

Sue said...

A very beautiful birthday tribute to a very beautiful granddaughter.


Vicki said...

She's beautiful Colleen...just like her Main Street Grama..

Melinda Cornish said...

she is so pretty....lucky you....

Julie said...

What a wonderful tribute to your sweet granddaughter!