Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Two words......Zum Ba..

I know, I know. I keep forgetting I'm a grandmother of a 23 year old. And a 19 year old..and a 17 year old..and a 9 year old ..and a 6 year old..

I keep forgetting I have not done anything more physical than walking the dogs. Since giving birth to those grandkiddos' parents. Or the invention of the wheel...........I keep getting those two mixed up..

I keep forgetting I am still 45 pounds overweight.

So when my OLDER sister talked about a new exercise class called Zumba, I was all ears. {what a weird expression...."all ears"..and why am I picturing Prince Charles....ick}

She said there'd be dancing.


Laughter. Fun. Quick. FUN..

"Remember, be uninhibited!!" she says..

Did I mention fun? And exercise in the same post?

Ah, yes ... but the word "fun" is relative. in giving birth... the first time..

Fun as in knowing you have parts moving the same way as the instructor's just can see your moving parts because they are insulated with ...uh...fat..insulation..

Fun as in looking at the clock and thinking "for the love of Snuggies and all that's holy, is it over yet??"

Fun as in "ohholycrap..I can't turn this quickly..what ARE my feet doing? and what is that slapping sound my arms are doing??"

Fun as in... if this is what it takes to eat like I really want to, then just shoot me now.

Oh's over..

...and I did it..

..and I liked the music..

....and it!

Hey, are we doing this next week? I'm there! See ya next week! Bye..

What's that? I might be a little sore tomorrow?


So, Zumba too?

Was it fun? Can you move anything besides your eyeballs yet??


OK, so go out there and move something..I'm not being specific..just'll feel better..and after will be..



Oh..another two words...kicked butt :-)


Beth said...

When I grow up I wanna be just like you! =) I've heard of Zumba, and seen Zumba, but I haven't heard or seen MY body doing Zumba! lol

vicki said...

Colleen...You ZUMBAed? WOW, I'm proud of ya! I've heard of it..gals on FB talk about going all the time. Haven't tried it yet but...
I hear it works pretty good too, so I need to. Ya, keep us informed, and take pictures ...hehe

Karen said...

My daughter in law talks about it. I wondered what it was.

Robin said...

Ahhh, Zumba...I started taking classes in January and I LOVE IT! In 60 minutes you burn 1000 calories....YEAH! Sure makes exercise fun and the 60 mins goes so fast. You go girl!!

Pen Pen said...

You kicked butt! I'm so proud! Sounds like fun.

Heather said...

way to go! i can't keep up with Zumba, lol. however my mom can. she does it at the gym and loves it! it's too fast and crazy for me!

Anonymous said...

I moved some snow yesterday and messed up my back. Perhaps I'm getting too old to move?

Glad you had fun!

Sue said...

Loved this post! I've heard so much about Zumba but unfortunately there is nothing here in my small town so that I can try it. Fun and exercise is a definite plus!


Vee said... can count on me to always know how to begin a comment. Oh my had me roaring by "'for the love of Snuggies and all that's holy, is it over yet??'" Thank you for the fun. Now do go back and find us some more.

Melinda Cornish said...

so did you really go? I love stuff like this....I get to bounce all over the place and was it?

Just Breathe said...

Really, you really did it. Good for you. I need to get moving because I have 60 pounds to shed but here I sit reading blogs.
Really, that is so awesome!

Breezy said...

Colleen~~ you must tell me where you took the class..
sounds like fun!

diane said...

I love your illustrations they had me laughing (Is that counted as moving?) I've never heard of Zumba but it sounds a great idea You stick with it girl, kick butt!

Julie said...

"For the love of snuggies and all that's holy, is it over yet?"

Colleen, you are too, too funny!