Monday, March 8, 2010

I have always been a little girl... a big(er) body. Well, not always always..

But I always felt inside smaller than I was on the outside.

When Mr. B and I were dating, it was brought to my attention by several of the might I say, more envious of the waitresses we worked with, that he had always been drawn to shorter girls.

I was not heavy at that time, but short? Nah. 5' 5" ..not too tall, but not "petite" by any means.

I tried working on 'short' but never could get it.

I know, I know ..never say never..but short? Seriously?

Didn't happen.


Now, this little friend of Owen's is BIG in a little body..

And because of Owen's love of exploring...Kathy keeps him on a short leash...literally.

That way at the off leash dog park, if she needs to quickly stop his wanderlust, she can catch up with him and step on the leash.

Eh, sounds feasible to me.

But not to this guy. He knows what a leash is for...for walking.

And so he did. Walked Owen. Davey & Goliath...and by the way, Goliath {Owen} is not very big to begin with..

But Polo is a small dog. S.m.a.l.l. Little..the mere essence of a dog..

Did that stop him?


Did being short-deficient, vertically enhanced, too-tall-Jones stop me from bamboozling having Mr. B fall in love with me?


So, the moral of this story is..uh, you can't get short..?

No, if you're a little dog, go ahead an act like a big dog. You may just be....

Have you ever accomplished something you thought you couldn't?

{Besides being short-er and if you have, I really don't want to hear about it, OK?}



DUTA said...

To answer your question: Yes, I managed to learn sewing although I was sure I won't be able to. I was very proud of this at the time and I put my knowledge in practice making my Mom a whole new gardrobe.

diane said...

That is one little Pooch with a Big character. Remember what our mums said? Good things come in little parcels. I am shorter than you by an inch.

Karen said...

Someone once told me that dog's have no idea of their size...that's why little dogs will take on big dogs. I don't know if that's true or not....but it should be the same for people, eh?

Vee said...

(Let's not rush the short thing. My grandmother has lost over five inches in her lifetime and my mother is close behind her.)

I love the premise behind this post. It's making me think. Probably a lot of us have felt pretty small on the inside...

One of our favorite dogs is a chuihuahua who is one brave little giant of a dog when he's in someone's arms.

Vee said...

A chuihuahua? Okay, I've come up with a new breed. I meant Chihuahua and some days I can spell.

Trudy Callan said...


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Anonymous said...

I've always been 5'8". Until now.

5'7.5" - so even if you don't want to hear about it, Colleen, apparently I've accomplished being shorter. Must have put that other 1/2 inch into my waistline. :)

Love little-BIG Polo and the message you've shared today!


Gabriela Brito said...

hello :)
I liked your texts and blog.
I'm following you.. You can follow me?

xoxo :*

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

-chuckle- I'll be short Hon. Speak not of not being able to "get short." Ding-dang thing happens, with age. I've lost some of my always 5'3". And I'm not too happy about it, either. -pout-


Jillian said...

That reminded me of Les Miserables where they have the song "Little People." It says, "we may look easy pickings but we got some bite! So never kick a dog because it's just a pup. We'll fight like twenty armies and we won't give up, so you'd better run for cover when the pup grows up!"

Melinda Cornish said...

I am short and I wouldnt want to get any shorter...

Vicki said...

A *short* hello as I try to catch up on my bloggy friends! Love ya as ya are Colleen! And Owen...he just can not figure out how the little guys do it..hehe.. cute!

Artistic Accents by Darla said...

Oooh, love puppy posts!! Thanks for the great pics!

Just Breathe said...

Skye does that with Charlie when he is ready to go home. She walks him all over the house, it's so cute! I am 5'2" so your not short!
Now I use to be a 0 in HS. I'm not even a 10, closer to a 20.