Sunday, March 21, 2010

Good things in Utah..

Today started out chilly-wompers, but as the pups and I walked..

..the sun peeked out....

..the sky turned the most beautiful shade of blue...

..and I knew it was going to be a great day :-)

And I was correct-a-mundo..

We wanted to continue the scientific exploration of primal food gathering places that Mr. B and I have so graciously and magnanimously (I always wanted to use that in a sentence !) agreed to do, on behalf of all man & woman kind near and far..

{Yeah, we went out to eat again..}

..but we do so in the spirit of, no, not our food...our opinions ..

Today we went to Little Dave's Deli in Salt Lake and really enjoyed our lunches.

Everyone at work has been telling me how good it was, so we tried it and were not disappointed.

The food was great, the atmosphere was charming and it had to be one of the most impressively clean delis I have ever seen.

Which is a great combination when you're eating out, yes?

Why, yes it is, thankyouverymuch...

So, here's some quick pics {from my phone } to give you a peek inside...

To all my young{er} readers:
This is what phones used to look when you hear the words 'rotary dial' you'll know what they mean..

Yes, this truck is in the middle of the deli...and no, I was NOT driving..
{to tell you how clean the place was, the counter girl was shinning the chrome on the headlights..huh, wonder if she'd like a second job?? I'm just sayin'..... )

Sooo glad they use 'fresh food' daily..I hate it when it's weekly like some of the places we've seen..

Yeah, this is what's on the back of the truck...they have bottles of every kind of old fashioned soda you can think of..and some I'd not heard of..

This is about 1/4 of the size of the framed display of bottle caps..

Remember these? A young guy bought a bottled pop from this and couldn't figure out how to open the bottle..finally he discovered the cap remover..

One of 3 framed pieces in the Ladies room..

Is she not the cutest?? The Victrola was inside the truck on the front, where's her puppy?
{I realize not all of my readers will know what I'm referring to..}

I know, blurry picture, but I wanted to show you who fixed my lunch and who paid for my lunch..

So, next time your up our way, be sure to go there for'll not be disappointed :-)

Then it was a quick stop at an Estate sale, dinner out with the kids and as movie ("Did you hear about the Morgan's" ..while not Oscar worthy, I can't help liking most anything that has Hugh Grant in it..maybe it's the accent??)
Did you do any scientific research in the name of all humanity today?



diane said...

Now thats a place i would like to do some scientific research in. What a shame it is too far away. Our latest research is to see how little we can eat in one day. Bill has lost 4 kilos and me 1. Guess who is eating the most? The outcome of the research is that you feel continually hungry.

Karen said...

That looks like our kind of place! Actually, we delved into a very familiar place last night.....I can't resist the fresh seafood at Brown's. And neither could anyone else...the place was packed!

Breezy said...

That's a place I will have to try! Looks like fun.

Vee said...

Hmmm, well I could mention the fickleness of spring weather...70F yesterday and spitting snow today, but it wouldn't be nearly as edifying as your fun post!

Heather said...

you go to all the fun places! oh the rotary phone. i grew up with them and hated them, lol. it took sooo long to make a phone call and heaven forbid you messed up and had to start all over again! LOL.

Sue said...

What a terrific looking eatery! I'm sorry that Utah is so far away from Ontario!

Thank you so much for sharing, at least I could dine vicariously for a couple of minutes.



Vicki said...

Oh Colleen, that's a place I'm for sure going next time I 'Go To Town'.
Ya, I remember them phones and I kinda miss them. Funny story, I took the g-kids to the museum in Fairview. They have a thing set up there where you can dial a number on a rotary phone, watch how it 'connects' to another phone just a few feet away, which makes that other phone ring so someone else can pick it up and talk to you. The kids loved it..after grama had to show them how to dial a rotary phone! Glad you had a fun 'Research ' day.

Anonymous said...

Oooooh. You're doing my kinda scientific research - great place!!! Do they have Reubens?

Rotary phone. Pop cooler w/ cap remover. Wow. I guess if we know what these are - we're vintage. :)

Happy Sunday to you & yours, Colleen!

Just Breathe said...

Sounds like a great day. That lunch place is so cute. I just love the decorations. So you had lunch and then your having dinner out too! Well that sounds perfect.
Yes, I agree, anything with Hugh Grant is fun to watch!!

Life is good! said...

where is little daves deli? i could go to the old fashioned phone book and look it up but i would rather you give me the wherabouts of it. we will have to go there it looks great!