Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Give us all a kiss..we're all a WEE bit Irish today !!

Well, this is our first St. Paddy's Day without my brother, Larry.

He was to us, the epitome of the personable, happy, lovable, story-telling Irishman, and we know all of our Irish-born ancestors are proud of him and have welcomed him home..

And they are havin' a pint for all of us..

This post in dedicated to him..

{ we are all wearing the Paddy-hat he bought when he visited Ireland, complete with red hair..}

1. What does “Erin go bragh” mean? (For extra credit: What language is it?)

“Ireland Forever” in Gaelic

2. In the song “When Irish Eyes Are Smiling,” what can you hear in the lilt of Irish laughter?

You can hear the angels sing. The lyrics are: “When Irish eyes are smiling, sure ’tis like the morn in spring. In the lilt of Irish laughter, you can hear the angels sing. When Irish hearts are happy, all the world seems bright and gay. And when Irish eyes are smiling, sure they steal your heart away.”

3. Before baking Irish soda bread, why is a cross traditionally slashed in the top of the loaf?

To scare away the devil.

4. What type of meat goes into a traditional Irish stew?

Lamb or mutton chops.

5. What are the colors of the Irish flag and what do they represent?

Green representing Roman Catholics, orange representing Protestants and white in between

6. What is a Claddagh?

Irish symbol where two hands embrace a heart, topped by a crown. The

hands symbolize faith, the heart, love, and the crown, loyalty and fidelity.

Commonly seen in a claddagh ring

7. During which years did the Irish Potato Famine take place?

1845 to 1849

8. Who was the first High King of Ireland?

Brian Boru

9. The Titanic was built at which Irish shipyard?

The Belfast shipyard

10. Which actress played the part of Mary Kate Danaher in “The Quiet Man”?

Maureen O’Hara

11. In which town in Co. Roscommon is the Irish Famine Museum?

Strokestown (My family’s origin!)

12. What does the circle in the centre of the Celtic cross represent?

Circle of the Celtic Cross is a symbol of eternity that emphasizes the endlessness of God’s love as shown through Christ’s sacrifice on the cross.

13. By legend, one who kisses the Blarney Stone receives what?

The Gift of Gab

14. In Irish surnames, what does “Mac” mean?


15. What about O’?


16. Waterford, Ireland is popularly known for making what?


17. What is the “profession” of the leprechaun?

A cobbler or shoemaker.

So there you have'd YOU do??

Have a Happy St. Patrick's Day..and remember...

Erin go bragh !!


diane said...

Happy St Patrick's Day. A nice tribute to the Irish, your brother and ancestors. I learnt a lot about the Irish but will probably forget it soon.

White O'Morn Cottage said...

Fabulous post Colleen! Have a great St Patrick's Pam

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

Thank you for the answers!!!

Ohhhhhh, the blarney that's being spewed in Washington, DC! Email and call your Representatives! Let 'em know to... Vote No on Obama-Care and get to work on jobs, jobs, jobs. Real jobs!

♣♣♣Happy St. Patrick's Day♣♣♣

Artistic Accents by Darla said...

You look great as a red-head!!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

Anonymous said...

I knew 4 of these. Not so good for an American w/ Irish ancestors! But I enjoy reading these very much, and stopped by your blog first, Colleen, to wish you a Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

Vee said...

I learned some fun things! That bit about the surnames was most interesting...God bless your St. Patty's Day with warm memories...

Life is good! said...

I'm gonna bet a pretty penny that you are NOT spending st. paddies day with out Larry. It may just be in your heart but isn't that what we all strive for- to be in each others mind and heart! have a great one.

Just Breathe said...

That was fun. I loved the history lesson. Great information. I know you are missing your brother. My prayers are with you.

The Texas Woman said...

Well, now I know. Thanks for all the answers.

Julie said...

Three wrong! Not too bad!