Sunday, March 7, 2010

So, didja watch 'em??

The Academy Awards?

Yeah, we did too.

Didja have a party?

Na, we didn't either.

Any surprises?

Yeah, Sandra Bullock - love her and loved the movie, but my vote would have been for Meryl Streep..

Guess I'm just a... Meryl Streep-ple People..

Thought it was great James Cameron's ex-wife did so well..and not just in the divorce..heehee..

Bet he thought he was a 'shoe-in'..heehee..

He wasn't...heehee..

So, in I thought I'd bring you my own version of the Academy Awards....

Best Supporting Role in a Comedy...

Tigger in... The Odd Couple..

Best Make Up..

Dotty..the Freckled-face Fish in.. The Deep

Best Stunt Double..

Neville..playing The River Wild..

Best Set Design..

Maximilian's Mansion..Beverly Hills Yorkie

Best On-Screen Kiss..

..Phillip and Olivia in Love Story..

Best Costume Design..

Penelope in Jimmy Choo's Moo's - The Documentary of a Shoe Empire

Best Foreign Film Director..

Henri Poulet..for Le journal d'une Poule française Folle
{Sub-titled: Diary of a Mad French Hen}

Best Punk-Hair Design..

The Lebowski The Big Teesny Lebowski(s)

finally, because we're running long on time..

Last but Not Least..
{insert drum roll ...bdddddbdddddbdddddthththtddddididididdbdbdb..}

Best Movie.....

The Three Faces of Eve

Well, there you have it..the Red Carpet..{albeit a little stained..} is over for another year..

See you next year for..... The Animal Academy Awards ..

Disclaimer: All votes (mine) are tabulated by the accounting firm of Schlotsky, Schlotshy, and O'Brian
Void where prohibited by law..not legal in Arkansas, Florida or Rhode Island..See participating Grooming Salons for all rules and regulations...Does not include taxes and gratuities..all sales not pass go, do not collect $200..say your prayers and pass the Tequila Rose..


Connie said...

Coleen, I think I enjoyed your more. Those were the cutest animals.
Did you loose you channel a while ago after it ended ?
My gosh, it's 2am here now...... bye!

Connie said...

Have to correct my spelling.( Colleen+yours.) It really is the typing and sitting on the floor for three hours.
Off to bed I go..........

Laurie said...

You crack me up! Where do you come up with this stuff!? I would love to live in your brain for a day!!

Pearl said...

Man so glad I didn't see the real Academy Awards, I'm watching yours every year from now on!

diane said...

I love Laurie's comment. The same goes for me. No I didn't watch but enjoyed yours.I saw a news item about the ridiculous dresses.

Vicki said...

hahaha...Love your version too. And speaking of WINNERS...maybe you best go see MY version over on thisere blog..

(didja notice the utah talk above?)

SMILE COLLEEN, it's Monday...

Karen said...

I never watch the Academy Awards. Booooring.....but yours weren't!

Breezy said...

Yours were much more entertaining!! Love it.

Vee said...

Since I didn't watch, I'm glad that I read this post. Amazing when I'm counting on you to keep me abreast of current events. Ha!

Heather said...

lol, i love your nominees! too cute!
i was so happy that the hurt locker won instead of avatar. i love that they put her seat right in front of his too, lol. love it!

Life is good! said...

your winners were dressed much better that the ones that walked the red carpet. and they are better looking! such cute photos!
did you see james cameron wife, she needed a meal or two.

ain't for city gals said...

How cute...much better than the real thing! I tried to watch but it moved along so sloooow...just couldn't do it...

Sweet Repose said...

'Diary of a Mad French Hen'...girl, you never cease to amuse!!!!!!!!!

Just Breathe said...

Love it, love it, love it. This was so entertaining. Thank you.
I love your sense of humor. I did enjoy the Oscars and our party with our children :) I do love Meryl Streep but I was very happy for Sandra. I loved that the X won!

Pearl said...

Congratulations on your win at "All my Yesterdays" Lucky you. Have fun.

Cottage Cozy said...

I would have much rather watched that awards show!

Sue said...

Now awards like your's I would have watched all night. As it was, I only watched some bits and pieces of the 'real' awards.

LOVE your awards and the pics! Brilliant!



Melinda Cornish said...

I like your academy awards waaaayyyy better!

Artistic Accents by Darla said...

Too cute! I didn't watch, but was able to catch the highlights ALL the next day :)

job said...