Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Why it is when I think I'm speaking c.l.e.a.r.l.y....

...people don't understand what I am saying?

Disclaimer: If you are a hair dresser, you may wish to stop reading..I'm just sayin'

Not that there's anything wrong with hairdressers...as a matter of fact..I used to think of them like I was taught with all Doctors and Policemen..you don't question what they are saying..or doing...

But I learned to speak up for myself and to say what I want..right after the Doc told me he didn't think it was cancer - and to "wait and see.." What kind of advice is that?

I didn't. And it was.

Bygones..hey, just like my boobs :-)

So I did. You know.. told the hairdresser what I wanted?

And he didn't hear me.

What I said: I need it just cleaned up a little..and see this hair that sticks out when I put on my glasses? Can you take care of that? Maybe I need to go a little shorter there...

Apparently what he heard: I need a hair cut all over. See this hair that sticks out when I put on my glasses? Maybe you can shave it off ..oh and I'd like to look like Mark Harmon did in the first season of NCIS..you know..where his hair looked so silly..like it was a reverse mullet? The ANTI-Mullet?
Longer on the top, like a bowl was put on his head by his mama??

Yeah, that's it..longer on the top and SHAVED sides... Oh, oh ,oh can you make one side closer to my head that the other? Great.

( at first I thought maybe my head was..um..lop-sided..so I measured from the center of the top of my ear to where the ear connects to your (my) head..

.. they are exactly 7 inches from center....so one ear is not lower and the other one is not higher on my head. I have perfect ear placement..Thankyouverymuch}

Yeah..it's that bad.

When I went in, I looked sort of OK - and can't one see that that's what I normally look like??

Why would someone think I wanted no hair on the sides of my head?

And he was talking and cutting and thinning (my already too thin hair) and when he was finished, I looked like Mark Harmon ..only not nearly as handsome..

Now I can put Gel in it and have a Mohawk..and not look as cute as Cher- The Texas Woman did with her chemo-cut..

Oh well...it'll grow..

Hey, anyone know of a good hairdresser with 20-20 hearing??



Laurie said...

Ummmmmm...well...hmmmmm...geee.....Well that's all I can think of to say.

Laurie said...

On the other hand, it does make your beautiful blue eyes really pop!?

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

My daughter is a hiardresser and does my hair...but really ..no offense...was he blind by any chance? We have all had our "bad hair catastrophes". At least it grows...at least it grows...that is your new mantra!

I have a little surprise to send you...I talked about it on my blog. Please send me your address when you get a chance so I can get it sent out to you (Sorry it is not a wig! haha)

Fondly, Carrie

white o'morn cottage said...

Well he really did go to town on your hair! Nothing worse than having a bad haircut. At least hair grows again. I wonder if he was 'happy' with the result?

Charmingdesigns said...

Oh, I'm so sorry. but I am giggling a bit at your expression. I haven't had my hair cut for 3 mo. now so I could let it grow out since I was butchered. I had that same expression!! I feel your pain! What WAS he thinking???? I guess thats what you'd like to know huh. Oh..the saying...it'll grow...doesn't help so much in the moment!

Connie said...

Boy, do I hear you. You tell them you have a cowlick and it won't go the way she wants it to, and oops, it's gone. I really don't think your hair looks bad, tho. I guess none of us like our own.

Just Breathe said...

((HUGS)) You do look cute and I bet it will be easy to take care of.

Pearl said...

Now I have seen my share of bad haircuts in my days but I'm sorry this is the worst ever! What did you say to him to make him so angry? Did ya sashay in there and say "O.K. punk get your shears out and get to town cause I ain't got all day!!" and he thought "no one talks to me like that so I'll just show this broad a thing or two, or three, or four......Sweet heart that hair salon owner needs to see this cut! She would fire him on the spot! o.k. that will be 90 dollars for my advice...was he maybe - no probably on drugs? Now I know you love the Fiftys so why not put one of those really cute scarves over your head or how about that wig from Halloween? Sorry that sounds mean but I meant it in a really fun way. Bless your heart your pictures tell how happy? you are.

diane said...

Well at least it stopped your hair sticking out over your glasses (mine does that too). I hopw you didn't have to pay too much for that. As the saying goes "There is only 2 between a good and bad haircut. Lucky he didn't do anything to spoil those beat blue eyes. I'm lucky my neighbour is a hairdresser and she knows how I like it and only charges 10 dollars.

Jan said...

Fantastic pics Colleen.. lovely expressions! And the hair....? Well, It looks really cute on top gelled up but the sides could do with being a little bit longer... or maybe quite a bit longer LOL !
I say.... shoot the hairdresser!

Artistic Accents by Darla said...

At least you are brave enough to post your pic and by the way, you're just so cute with short hair! I barely dared go out of the house for a week :(

Remember my fiasco 18 days ago? Yes, I'm counting because every day gets me one day closer to having hair I can wrap around a curling iron again.
My 'stylist' didn't listen either and I was so kind to listen and laugh at her funny, LONG story while she did her Edward Scissorhands impersonation.
I'm so totally there with you!
Hey, maybe if we lived closer we could rub our stubby haircuts together and ignite a spark? ;)

madrekarin said...

It will grow and all will be well. But, you need to print out this post and take it to your hair destructor. Geesh, Edward Scissorhands would have done a better job!

Gaston Studio said...

OMG, I would have killed him with my bare hands and then flushed him down a toilet which is where his "skills" belong!

But... it'll grow, it'll grow.

Karen said...

I hate to tell you how much this post made me laugh....not a very nice reaction...but still. Is this guy kidding? How do people like this keep their jobs? As my mother used to say after she'd cut my bangs....it'll grow.

Gary and Elizabeth~ said...

Oh no! your poor dear!. I know how your feel,I think at one time or another we all have had a bad haircut or even worse perm!.
You did find the key words it will grow. On a good note, you look really skinny!!!.
Enjoy your day,

Heather said...

aww, it will grow back. what a bummer. i would have cried right there in the chair. you should go back today and ask for your money back and for another hair dresser to try to do something with it? at least get your money back! don't let him get away with that. you're still cute regardless of your hair cut!

June said...

Oh, Colleen. I'll tell you what my daddy told me when the groomer shaved my poodle and I sprawled on the couch crying for two hours..."It'll grow back." It's become a family mantra of ours for circumstances that are momentarily rotten but are bound to improve.

That said, I think you're beautiful. The haircut really does accentuate your glorious eyes.

Stacey said...

Utah Grammie, I came over for a visit because I saw that you joined as a follower on my blog. First let me say thanks and I'm glad you came by!

Next, let me say that I love you. You made me laugh. I'm sorry you don't like your haircut but at least you have a sense of humor about it. Are you going back to that person? You do have to wonder sometimes what they are thinking. I think they sometimes just get an idea in their minds and go with it. Spike it up a little, put on some lipgloss and smile!

All My Yesterdays said...

Well, can't say a whole lot more than the other ladies have said and I agree with them all...(funny Pearl!) But I will share with you how I too have had bad haircuts. But have no fear, it surely will grow back, and grow and grow....See, the last bad one for me really done it..years ago and I haven't had it cut since! It's to my waist, well, what USE to be my waist! I cut bangs and trim the ends now and then but NO MORE EDDIES FOR ME! Another thing, it's getting that time of year around here to wear hats anyway, there's some cute ones out there.. And I'm sure Mr B loves you no matter (O:

Sherry Goodloe said...

Well, I was going to go get "my ends trimmed" this weekend, but now? . . . I'm not so sure. Been there - done that and was not happy.

Here's my story "in brief": Went in, saw someone sitting in another stylist's chair. I said "I want the same cut SHE has". Response, "no problem". Problem: My cut looked absolutely NOTHING like "HERS"!

And yes, it grew back, and so will yours *sigh*

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

Just found you, over at 'Cottage Cozy.' :-)

This hairdresser-guy! Is a bozo! You should picket in front of his shop. Yikes! He makes me appreciate [even more than I already do] my Anthony!

I did want a Judy Dench cut, and he gave it to me. :-) But I wanted it! Yours is way beyond Judy Dench, poor Dear!

Picket! Picket! Picket!

But you are a cutie and I'm so glad I found your blog. Please come over and drop in at 'Aunt Amelia's Attic' a couple of times. I ask for a couple of visits, because I never know, from day to day, what sort of topic I'll put up. But if one doesn't 'get you,' perhaps the next day's will. :-)

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

Ohhh wow! WooT! You don't have that *dreaded* Word Verification thing set up!


I dissssssslike those things and am doing a post on the topic, today. But had to say Thank You in a Comment, before I go post. :-)

Down with Word Verification!

Mmmmm, can I picket for that? >,-)


Pen Pen said...

OMG!!! you need to send him your blog post!!! It will grow in no time... but please don't tell him to cut that little hair that sticks out by your glasses again! You're still cute, even with the shaved sides!

Betty said...

Good grief, Charlie Brown! Actually, Charlie Brown has more hair now. Where is this hairdresser and how did he ever get a license to chop? Maybe that's the problem...he's actually a logger, or butcher (well, yeah, he IS a butcher!)

You always look cute, no matter what; but, this is the limit! Fortunately for you, your hair grows fairly quickly; and, you'll have your former beautiful hair back in no time. In the meantime, get a voodoo doll of that guy!

Melinda Cornish said...

this really upsets me and I wish I wouldve been there to give someone a big piece of my mind.....I hope you didnt pay the guy and I hope you spoke to the manager....You have been thru a lot and certainly deserve to leave a salon feeling pretty and happy with your new haircut. on the plus side it really shows off those big blue eyes which were the first thing I noticed about you! I will go yell on your behalf if you like...I am really good at it!

Melinda Cornish said...

this really upsets me and I wish I wouldve been there to give someone a big piece of my mind.....I hope you didnt pay the guy and I hope you spoke to the manager....You have been thru a lot and certainly deserve to leave a salon feeling pretty and happy with your new haircut. on the plus side it really shows off those big blue eyes which were the first thing I noticed about you! I will go yell on your behalf if you like...I am really good at it!

Julie said...

Colleen - I am glad I am not the only one who thinks Mark Harmon had a "bowl on the head" haircut. My stepdad used to literally give my brothers haircuts like that - with the "white sidewall tires".

Regarding your hair - yes, it will grow back. Too bad you can't sue hairdressers. Can you? I remember one talking me into a bi-level cut. It took years to grow that one out.