Monday, November 2, 2009

This just in! I'm creating a new catagory..

..and it's....dddddddrrrrrrrdddddamamam {drum roll, in case you were wondering..} ddddrjrrrrrr...

Misc-ca-lane-eous Monday


What? You're underwhelmed? OK. ..well, it's all I got..

You see, by the time my Monday post comes along..which is posted on Tuesday, but I'm actually creating on Monday, I'm already looking forward to Friday and what I get to do on Saturday..and bummed about Sunday being one day closer to Monday..

Well, you must see how utterly exhausting this is, right??

So I'll let my brain get some much needed rest and post a motley assortment {I love the word "motley" and really, I was never much of a Motley Crew fan...except when describing my kids..}

..not that my kids were Motley Crew fans...well..maybe Brandi..but they altogether were a motley crew..not that they were 'all together' one in my family has eVEr been accused of being 'all together'..

..oh yea..I was saying..I'm going to post a motley assortment of photos , well, because that's all I gots

OK, first, not so much motley as adorable...Miss Ella in her Snow White costume...

I had no idea Snow White could fly...maybe it's the close proximity to Tinkerbell?

OK, so you know how kids get into your Halloween costume? And stuff you'd like to save for next year? this...!!

Hey..that's MY mustache

..and another of his gang caught red-handed..uh..I mustached..

What are these kids coming to??

Oh, OK, I didn't estate sale this past week-end but I did do a little thrifting...

He's a music box..and it plays the cutest melody..

I know it's early, but at $1.00, I couldn't pass them up..

The reindeer is holding a holder for the chalk :-) many days??

Very blurry photo, but I got the blue bottle (I think it's an old Milk of Magnesia bottle) a while back, but I found this great thingy to go on the top..makes it all fancy-schamncy..can't wait till I find the best thing to alter it :-)
This wall quilt it about 24" by 36" and is in pErFEcT condition.

And I love it...$1.00...yeah..I'm that good ...

..and my favorite find...I love this teensy-tiny-worlds-smallest-Nativity-scene! Look at the quote..."Love was Born"...Awwww..the whole thing is about 3" high..

OK..from the beautiful to the...beautiful-rusted-thingies! Our neighbors were tossing out an old trunk that couldn't be salvaged (believe me - I tried to think of a way..ick) but I asked if I could "harvest" the hinges and he said yes..

Actually, he said "I think I have some newer ones - these are all...uh... rusty.."

Poor guy - he must think I'm a bit daft..{looking at the picture..they really do a passel of poop..}

Well, that's it for Monday, which you'll read on Tuesday..or maybe even Wednesday if you're slow...
I'm just sayin'....



Laurie said...

ohhhh man! nothing like good ol rust!! Try rusting some is sooo neat

Melinda Cornish said...

snow white is adorable!!!!

Sherry Goodloe said...

Miss Ella is most beautiful Snow White I have ever SEEN! She is such a cutie pie *smiles*

Karen said...

Ella makes the perfect Snow White with her creamy skin and dark hair. She didn't have any dwarves?

Gaston Studio said...

Adorable grands and great photos of them.

I thought those rusty hinges were arrowheads at first and yes, I had my glasses on. Good thrifting, girl!

Artistic Accents by Darla said...

Great finds! 'passel of poop'...too funny!
Miss Ella looks darling!

June said...

Snow White is just squeezy cute! And I love your rusty...poop!

white o'morn cottage said...

Lovely children in their costumes! I love the blue bottle with the great stopper and the wall quilt. Well Pam

All My Yesterdays said...

Yep, sweet little Ella, great finds and whatcha gonna do with the poops?

Heather said...

aww, love Snow White!

Just Breathe said...

Great Monday post. Love Snow White.
She is so beautiful. Love the pictures with the dogs. So cute!
The Nativity is awesome, I collect them! Have a great week.

Julie said...

That is the prettiest Snow White ever.