Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Dean Martin..

remember him?

I do. But I never really thought much about him or his music when I was younger.

However, since one of my most favorite-est movies is Return to Me..and his music was featured in this movie, I have had a new liking for his voice.

I think it may be because the movie and the music remind me of Mother & Daddy when I was growing up.

The whole Irish-older people and the little dances they were doing..the good-natured kidding..

Yes, it was just like I remembered.

Ehh ....probably not.

I mean, my folks never had a circle of close friends, or bowled, or ran an Irish-Italian restaurant..

And yet, I do associate my family with the characters in this movie.

I do ramble on, don't I?

OK, OK, this is actually about Dean Martin, remember? And how I like his voice?

Especially his Christmas songs..

So for the next month or so, I will listen to Dean Martin, Bing Crosby, the Carpenters and Brenda Lee sing all the Christmas songs I love.

How about you? Who do you hear that takes you back to when you were a little kid and the whole Christmas season was....magic??

OK, I'm done...you can wake up now..

..seriously..stop reading..



All My Yesterdays said...

Another giggle from you..love it! YES, I remember Dean Martin and watched his Variety Show on TV. He was actually pretty dang funny. Remember the "ROASTS" they use to do? We need stuff like that again, not all this "Reality" crap..
Ok, who do I remember singing Christmas songs? You've already mentioned her..Brenda Lee and "Rockin Around The Christmas Tree" at least that's who I think sang it first...my goldie oldie fav!
Enjoy the Season, it's just starting (o:

Heather said...

White Christmas, Sound of Music and the Wizard of Oz are all I need to be reminded of my childhood around the holidays. It was around Christmas time each year I was allowed to stay up late and watch each one of those movies. Only once a year for each of them because my parents didn't own a vcr until I was in high school and just got cable this past year for the first time, lol! And of course the Charlie Brown specials, Rudolph, Frosty and the Grinch specials :)

Sherry Goodloe said...

The Wizard of Oz, but not fond memories *sigh*. I had a mean stepmother that would let me watch it when it came on television, but right when Dorothy and the gang woke up from that sleep in the field of snow? Well, that's when my mean ol stepmother would say "it's time for bed, turn off the t.v.".

So for YEARS, I never saw past that point in the movie. I have since bought the dvd and watch it from start to finish any time I want! So THERE!

Connie said...

Everything has changed, it's not just the music. Crazies out there on the road racing to get somewhere and do what ? I'm glad I grew up when I did, and I also would not want to start a family in these times.
Heck, our parents probably thought life was fast years ago, too.
I love your "ramblings" as you put it. You go girl !

Connie said...
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Pen Pen said...

I remember Dean Martin too... such a classic sound! I set my computer radio yesterday to Christmas music.... LOVE IT!

diane said...

I remember Dean Martin and his TV show. He used to be in the comedy movies with Jerry Lewis. I remeber Bing Crosby singing I'm dreaming of a white Christmas. I can't get motivated this year. Haven't bought any presents yet or listened to Christmas songs. The girls are not coming home this year so we don't get too excited. However in the new year the London pair will be coming home for good.Rah!

Gaston Studio said...

I loved that movie! And I loved Dean Martin's smooth voice, no matter what he was singing.

madrekarin said...

I remember watching Dean Martin when I was a kid, but it's Andy Williams voice that says Christmas to me. His Christmas special was one I looked forward to every year! They don't make them like that any more. :(
Return to Me is one of my faves as well. How sweet is that movie?

Sweet Repose said...

Dear Coyote Colleen...first let me tell you I love your cactus costume...and that my thoughts are with you always in these times we struggle with, as we all move closer to our paths...how lucky they are, those who've arrived, we'll all know soon enough...

...and the Little Drummer Boy and Ave Maria always ring Christmas to my ears, doesn't matter who sings them, they are my Christmas songs...still can't handle the rat pack boyz though...too much history(and carousing)there for me, but I do need to see this movie, I like the stars...

Have a wonderful day, I'll be thinkin' of ya!


Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

Of course I remember Dean Martin. ,-) I even remember when Elvis was brand new and very *badddddddd.* -grin-

Guess I loved Percy Faith's Christmas music, from way back. And I always loved "We Three Men Of Orient Are." Way back then, it wasn't used much on records and I'd always just love it, when I got to heard it.<--Silly little memory. :-)))) But thank you for reminding me.

Addition to my (Aunt Amelia's) last post

Laurie said...

So many Colleen, Tennessee Ernie Ford "Star Carole" album was the first played every season, and is still my favorite today. the holidays were brought in by him, Dean, Perry Como, and "Im Gettin' Nuttin' for Christmas" which my parents played whenever we weren't on our best behavior, just to tease us. that tradition we have carried on in 2 more generations!

Just Breathe said...

We must twins. I love Dean Martin but OMG that is my favorite movie.
Actually I think I will take a break and go watch it. I have a headache today, I'll take two tylenol and "Return to Me". Also I love Christmas Music. It is the best part of the Holiday, that and Christmas Eve service at church!

white o'morn cottage said...

think I'll have to rent out this movie this week. Sounds great!

Shari from Big Yellow Farmhouse said...

Oh, boy - do I love, love Dean Martin! Lots of great memories there. My brother and I used to enjoy watching the old Dean Martin/Jerry Lewis movies when we were kids. But Dean Martin really reminds me of my dad - he loved his music. I can vaguely remember him singing or whistling along with Dean when I was very little. Then when I got older I never heard Dad sing again. Why do people stop singing?

We always watched his variety show and I can just picture my dad grinning - just like he did with Johnny Carson, or Red Skelton. It always made me so happy to see my dad get tickled - he was normally kind of serious.

I downloaded a collection of 30 Dean Martin songs from itunes and love listening to them. My kids are kind of getting interested, too. Who can resist "When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie - that's amore!" But my most favorite is Memories are Made of This. Can't listen to that one without crying. Makes me think of my folks, everytime.

Nan said...

I love Dean Martin, I love the movie, and I love this post! Perfection!! I have the Christmas compilation Making Spirits Bright and I love it.

Artistic Accents by Darla said...

To be honest, all I seriously remember about Dean Martin was him standing on stage, half in the bag, drinking and smoking.
But he did have a nice voice and I loved when he and Jerry Lewis would get together :)
I love all the Christmas specials, cartoons, etc. Seeing them will finally get me in the spirit of Christmas! It's been so nice here, it's hard to believe it's a month away!

Julie said...

I remember watching Dean Martin's TV show at my Grandma and Aunt Mary's house. And when I was younger Mary would take me to Dean Martin-Jerry Lewis movies. When I was little I didn't know what pizza was so when he sang "Amore" - when the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie" I thought it was big piece a pie."

As for Christmas songs, nothing can beat "White Christmas". I like almost all the Christmas songs except "Feliz Navidad". I dunno - just don't care for it. And my stepdad kinda spoiled "Little Drummer Boy" because instead of "a rumpa pum pum" he would sing "a ru ha ha hung."

Jillian said...

Love Dean Martin. Love Return to Me. Love the Carpenters (Merry Christmas Darling breaks my heart--but in a good way!! I just melt!). You have wonderful taste, so I won't stop reading.

So there :)