Sunday, November 1, 2009

It was a night of beauty and gyspies and candy..

Last evening was beautiful..warm even, by Utah fall standards anyway.

The kind of Saturday when you know why you love fall..

Crunchy leaves..

Bright colors...


um....I mean..all the cute Trick-or-Treaters..

..and candy...

And being a long-distance Grammie on Halloween is particularly hard..

I would like to take the Grands out Trick-or-Treating before they think they're too old to go..or have a party to attend..

However, thanks to digital cameras and the InterWeb...I can see the fun almost as it happens:

There is something in October
Sets the gypsy blood astir
We must rise and follow her
When from every hill of flame
She calls and calls
each vagabond by name

~William Bliss Carman

And so it is to pass, that the food that follows candy (which, arguably is not food, per se) shall be of the fun yet creepy variety..

Rolled out by loving gypsy just-washed-and-hand-sanitized-hands...

Carefully shaped into....

Cute little "mummy-dogs"..
{no dogs were harmed in the making of these Mummies..}

Baked until Golden and oh-so-warm-and-flaky..Mmmm...

Must be eaten by 2's...

Look at that proud baker!

Miss you Miss, don't eat too much candy...after all I may visit and want some :-)



diane said...

The internet is great to bring you closer to family. She sure did a good job on those mummy dogs. It has been interesting to see on the blogs how much Americans get into Halloween. We don't bother much here.

madrekarin said...

Yummy-looking mummy dogs! Say that five times fast. ;) We did not have one single trick-or-treater this year. I guess they all went to the fall festivals at our local churches for trunk-or-treat. Much safer really, but I miss little ghosts and goblins coming to my door.

Just Breathe said...

She did a great job on those mummys. Love her costume. When I was little my grandmother would tell me to stay close by so the gypsy's wouldn't get me.

Artistic Accents by Darla said...

Those actually look very good! Hope you don't mind but I shared the photo with my DIL. Looks like a fun thing to make with her kids too!
Have a great week!!

All My Yesterdays said...

Now them looks yummy! Glad you got to see the stuff happening...
Think I'll have to go find some Halloweenies (O:

Julie said...

Thanks for the vintage postcards (you know I love those) and the October poem.