Tuesday, October 7, 2008

What make me smile...

...by Me.

Today, while walking the pups in the cool-I-saw-my-breath-morning (and saw snow on the mountain tops!), we spotted in the distance, a child on her way to school.

Backpack almost as big as she was.

When looking closer, we noticed she was carrying a cat.

A very large cat.

She had it by the underarms, legs dangling..

Obviously the cat was hers. She walked to a front door, and gently placed the cat on the porch.

She took a few steps and the cat followed her. I could almost hear the heavy-sigh as she put the cat back on the porch.
However, no words were ever spoken.

This time she walked away, and the cat sat and watched. The child rounded the corner and the cat stretched it's neck to see her, but stayed put.

Until the child peeked her head , just her head, around the corner of the building to see if her cat was being good.

And the cat was still, until it saw the child and started following again....

Finally, the cat gave up, the child walked to school and the day continued.
Somehow, the whole scene made me smile.

The child, acting as the "adult", knowing it wasn't in the cat's best interest to follow her, and the cat - the "child" who wants it's way...
Life. Beautiful, compromising, lovely life.

What made you smile today??


Lucy said...

Easy. This post did the trick. I love these pictures. Very clever.

Betty said...

You did! And Lucy...she's having a harder time jumping on her pet step and then onto the couch. She taught me today to help her...teehee. I was sitting at the breakfast bar and she came over and 'talked' to me. When I stood up, she headed for the couch, glancing back over her shoulder to see if I was following. When we reached the pet step, she just looked at me and then looked at the couch. I picked her up, put her on the couch and she settled right down. Wow, I'm so trainable!

Laurie and Chris said...

How cute! I loved that she picked around the corner to make sure the cat was staying put.

white o'morn cottage said...

my doggies! they make me smile every day! Love your post..love Pam

Mary said...

The phone call from my hubby who works away all week made me smile. Your kitty pictures made me smile. Just reading the blogs of my friends makes me smile and sometimes cry.
I love catching up with you everyday!

Anonymous said...

That is a cute story. I went to see a movie with April and the babies.Great time.