Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Sssome thingsss ssseem sssimple...

..but are not ssssso.

Casssse in point - I had my very-front tooth worked on a few weekssss ago.

Went fine. No pain. No after effectssss. Sssimple, right??

I got "crowned" and it looksss great...

No after effectss, at leasssst not that I noticed until today..on they way my car.

I ssstarted sssinging...and all wasss well, until the wordsss with the letter "Ssss" -

I heard me ...whissstle! Yesss! Whissstle!

Apparently, the way my very-front-brand-new tooth fitsss...has a whissstle...but only when I sssing...

So, from now on, Taylor Sssswift will have to sssing alone...

"we were both young when i firssst sssaw you

i clossse my eyesss and the flassshback ssstartsss

i'm ssstanding there - on a balcony of sssummer air

sssee the lightsss, sssee the party the ball gownsss

sssee you make your way through the crowd

you sssay hello.(.lalala... sssomthing sssomethiing.)'sss a love ssstory baby, just sssay yesss"

Oh yeah, little did I know...sssinging loudly in the car...all by myssself..

....that I was sssounding like Sssylvester the cat.....


Sssay goodnight Gracccie.



Charmingdesigns said...

LOL!! laurie

Irish Cottage Dreams said...

Ohh sssssooo ssssorry to hear that!
I bet you are the cutestest Ssssylvester


madrekarin said...

I would call your dentissst and ssssing to him. He'll fix it for you!!
But I would pay to hear you sssound like Ssssylvester. ;)

Betty said...'s all about them. Do you continue hissing when you sing or do you call the dentist? How much do you dislike going to the dentist? That may make your choice for you, eh? At least you're not spitting like Sylvester (I hope!)...there were always puddles of spit around his feet. You are just too funny! Love ya.

Jan said...

Let's think of a way you can cash in on this new talent! Can you go on some late night talk show and start singing??? I think you need to post a video of you singing for us so we can all hear it before you get this thing fixed! LOL

Gary and Elizabeth~ said...

Your just too funny, and have the best sense of hummer. I say keep singing and sing loud!.

Have a great day,

Brian & Lindsay Bunker said...

I must say that I love you so much! Your comment today made me so happy! I don't feel positive all the time and it's nice to know that people notice when I am! You are the cutest classiest woman ever! Hey Colleen, TA DA!!!

Julie said...

You are SSSSSO funny!!! Didn't read the comments - hope no one else did the SSSSS0.