Monday, October 20, 2008

It's "good-news" Monday !!!

OK, so all of you that have been praying for and hoping for and sending good wishes for...
The Kindergarten Cowboy...

Niece Lisa, Kathy Larry & Gerri (Lisa & Gerri were in a Drill Team with the horse shows..we're usually NOT that flashy!! Well, Kathy wasn't on the team...I'm just saying...)

Larry's love of horses started WAAAY Chicago.. go figure..

His cancer "markers" are going DoWN!!!!!

Larry, Gerri, Kathy, Mother & Daddy about 1985-ish

He found s support group he thinks he'll like and met a woman who had the same diagnosis (stage 4- terminal lung cancer) and she's.....4 years out!

That calls for a big whoohoo!

...and mashed potatoes???

...apparently so...

He feels pretty good between chemo treatments, has not had nausea, no "taste-bud changes"..he still experiences the pain in his legs (his bones are re-generating bone-marrow) but he said that goes pretty much away after a couple of days.

My Daddy, Mother & Larry circa 1960-ish

He did say he walks into a room and "forgets" what he went in there for...I told him it's not the chemo..'s old age...

He rides his horses, has company, wears a ball cap or his cowboy hat, and is generally enjoying life.

Lary & Kathy's grand daughter, Kailee

See...real cowboys DO wear shorts...and tennies??

His wife is supporive..his children are close (some not in distance..but in heart) and his animals love him.

Larry with his first born, Lori (now has a married daughter herself!)

He's going deer hunting with his son (ahem..not something I really condone) so, while you all continue to pray for him, send one up for the deer - I would SOOO appreciate it!

...probably not as much as the deer...

Anyway, again, my sisters and I thank you all.

Gerri, Me, and Kathy

You have confirmed what we believe to be true...

We believe in prayer, karma, power of positive thinking and laughter.

..wake up Larry..the prayer is over...Larry..Larry..LARRY!! ARE YOU SLEEP-STANDING???

We believe in blogger-buds, long-distance friends, guardian angels and the boogie man.

Larry & Me

We believe in big brothers...

We believe I should say good-night.. hey!..

Good-night, Gracie...



white o'morn cottage said...

Whooohooo! That's so heartening to hear. I'm delighted for you all. We'll keep it up as it seems to be working!
Must be the Irish prayers and good wishes (very powerful - can reach over oceans!) Best wishes to you Pam

Lucy said...

A big congrats to him also! Great news. I love your posts. If only I could have been one of your sisters. What a great life you have.

Betty said...

I just KNEW all the prayers for Larry would be answered in the positive. I'm so thankful to God and happy for your family!!

You said he forgets why he went into a room...I call that a 'belief in the hereafter'...I walk in a room and immediately say, 'Now, what am I here after?' your whole family!!

Anonymous said...

Great news and wonderful photos.

the old schoolhouse said...

Thank God , am delighted with your good news prayers ,loves, hugs,best wishes, x . Angie.

Charmingdesigns said...

A big shout out YooHoo. Love good news!! Great photos! I'm having a giveaway...Cooooome on over. Laurie

Laurie and Chris said...

That is wonderful news. Larry is in our thoughts.