Saturday, October 11, 2008

Betcha didn't know....

...that just this las year I adopted a brand new sister!

Yep, I did.
And, today's her birthday....actually, it's tomorrow if you're reading this Saturday that would make her birthday Sunday, which is today is you're reading this in the morning...and the morning that you're reading this is Sunday.

Betty is incredible. A tireless work for animals, especially dogs who have lost their no fault of their own.

She and her wonderful husband, Jack, have opened not only their home, but more importantly their hearts, to these little lost loves.

Some have stayed for a long time, some have passed with the final , sweet memories of the time spent with Betty and Jack -

And one is never enough..not when there's another that needs a home, a heart, and a life.

I consider it my great pleasure to have "adopted" Betty as my newest sister. And so happy that she wanted to be adopted!

She has a wonderful blog, and, yes, we seem to have a "mutual admiration society" going on with our blogs, but it's just because we're all Libras..

So, here's to Betty, my friend, Jack's wife, the pup's Mom, a friend of my sister, and a savior of little lost souls.

Happy Birthday Betty!



Irish Cottage Dreams said...

Happy Birthday Betty!

Keep up the good work you
are doing with animals and
God Bless you for doing it. :)


Betty said...

You are just too sweet! Should I let you know my birthday was last Thursday? NOT after this wonderful post!! You always have the right pictures, although I could have done with more of you and fewer of me...teehee. And thanks for including Jack and the kids and all your kind thoughts! You're the bestest!!

Bobbi said...

You are so cute! Yes we did get snow..a couple of inches. I saw the walk for a cure on the news last night and wondered if you had walked!

Pen Pen said...

Happy Birthday Betty! What a sweet couple to take care of the little doggies! Lucky dogs, too!

tardevil said...

Hi Grammie:
It's nice to meet you. Thanks for stopping by my place! Today's my mother-in-law's birthday too. I hope she & your sister have an awesome day! Take care.

Fleur de Bee said...

What an adorable post and ode to your "sister"! PLUS another UTAH blogger!! YEAH! I don't meet too many here and am just thrilled when I do!

Have a great week!

Sweet Repose said...

Happy birthday Betty...whenever it is!!! You know what they say about the first thing to go...keep an eye on her will ya!!!