Monday, December 31, 2007

Got extra envelopes??

...if you have as many laying around as I do, you might want to use them for something unexpected.

I have taken a lot of photos (when I say a lot....I mean a TON) and other than have them sit in my computer, I decided to print a few out and make an envelope album....

You'll need a bunch of envelopes the same size, although various sizes could work and look cute.

2 or 3 binder rings to hold them together. A punch to make the holes. Some scraps of paper and adhesive.

What's fun about this is that you can use the flap on the envelope to journal on. I cut the adhesive part off with pinking shears..

On the next page, I tucked the flap in and then journaled on a small card that can be pulled out..kind of making the book interactive....

Here, I made a "library card pocket" and made another pull-out.

On this page, I made a "card" and glued 2 of the open sides closed - making another pocket for a pull-put. The pull out is the striped tab, where I wrote more about going to the Rumbi Island Grill for lunch.

This is the last page done so far...but I think this will be a cute, small little booklet to remind us of all the fun times we had.

One thing I forgot to mention - I printed the photos out on a full sheet of paper but in the wallet-size mode- that way I got 9 photos to a regular sheet of photo paper and they will fit 2 on a page on the size envelopes I used.

Anyway, things to do on a Sunday while taking lots of fluids and resting. Gotta go to work today, but I'm off tomorrow, so I can work on it some more.

Have a wonderful last day of 2007 - and just think, we can start fresh all over again for 2008!

I love new beginnings!!

Make it a great day, will ya?!



madrekarin said...

Cute,cute,cute,cute,cute! I made an album from paper bags for my dad and my husband one Father's Day. They took forever and I swore I would never make another one. Yeah, right.
Hope you are feeling better.
Happy New Year!!

Anonymous said...

May 2008 find you well again and still as happy as you always seem to be. Love, Betty

The Feathered Nest said...

I love this!!! I want to make one now! Thank you so much for sharing this, Colleen....wishing you to feeling well and good and a very Happy New Year! xxoo, Dawn

Joyce said...

Dear Colleen; I love it, love it, love it! I will have to try one! You are so clever! Wishing you a wonderful, healthy and happy New Year, and sending cyber-hugs and good thoughts for a speedy recovery for you...

Ragged Roses said...

What a wonderful idea! I love new beginnings and have, coincidentally, just called my latest post that! Wishing you and your family a very Happy New Year

Teacher -n- Training said...

Cute Idea! I don't know how you look at items and these great ideas come to you! I may try to make one out of my cruise photos!!! Hope you feel better and happy 2008

Pen Pen said...

What a wonderful, cute idea! I remember throwing out a couple of beautiful envelopes this year that Christmas cards came in. I remember thinking how I hated to throw out such a pretty envelope. Thanks for the idea!