Wednesday, December 5, 2007 we were kinda pooped last night....

...we've been working & planning a surprise bathroom shower & kitchen floor make-over for Randy's Mom while she visited her other son, Robert & his wife Colette, in San Diego.
(their home was not damaged by the Southern California fires, Thank you Lord...)
The surprise went off without a hitch & I'll share photos soon, but we were up WAY too late the last few evenings finishing up, so I'm just going to say what's been on my mind for now...then go take a shower..
Some things I’ve been thinking about…..

So, who guided Santa’s’ sleigh before Rudolph??
I mean, he says “Rudolph, with your nose so bright…yadda, yadda. yadda.....” and Rudolph was so young…..who did it before??

What do you say to someone who asks “What day is Christmas this year?!” and not sound like Miss-smarty-pants? (uh…..December 25th??)

Oh, and I’ve updated my dictionary:

Bumplies – anything with bumps and ridges

Rememberies – good memories – at least the one’s I do remember….

Chilly-wompers – Very, very cold

Way-sale – a bargain too good to pass up as in “Honey, I bought it because it was on WAY-SALE!!

Umb-rella – a tiny garden fairy

And of course Thanks-mas – that holiday we celebrate between Thanksgiving and Christmas…
So, have a good day and ponder those 'keeps-me-awake-nights' questions of your own.........inquiring minds want to know after all....


Senior Bowler said...

In my world that a "HEARS YOUR SIGN" . Love you new words...especially way -sale.

Senior Bowler said...

Forgot..add knobbles..that's those litle bumps that gets on your sheets after a while..

Anonymous said...

What about know..."Olive, the other reindeer, used to laugh and call him names." I always wondered where she went?

Jack always says when you drop something on the kitchen floor and can't find it, it's fallen into the "linolozone". Betty

madrekarin said...

I love your humor. December 25th. It made me laugh out loud. :)