Friday, December 7, 2007

And you thought YOU were cold...

.......yesterday, it was cold at work. Very cold. Waaay beyond Chilly-wompers.

Our walls are concrete. I work in a warehouse..

The walls are so cold to the touch, I’m afraid if I stick my tongue on the wall, it would stick.

....and why would I want to stick my tongue on a wall? Go figure…

Anyway, my back faces the wall, and it get so cold even through my chair, that I need to have my jacket over my shoulders.

Then my legs get cold. Ever notice we layer on top like crazy – undershirt, t-shirt, over-shirt, hoodie then jacket?? – but the legs? .......just jeans…

(I do have a R19 insulation rating with my chubbiness…..but I still get cold. )

I wear socks. I wear closed shoes. (they don’t make Crocks for winter – yet)

Then my hands get cold. But it’s hard to process orders with gloves on, so I go to my favorite store – the Dollar Store ......

...uh...excuse much is this?

“a dollar”

….oh thanks, how much is this one?....

ONE dollar”

.....ok,well, how about thi.....….

ONE DOLLAR lady...Get it???!!!??!

Ok ok geesh… well aren’t YOU grumpy-gus !!…

...and I actually want 2 pairs of knit gloves....... Mr. Grumpy-gus..... OK ... are they a dollar per glove, making it $2 for the pair??? Thus making it $4 for the 4 single glove(s) or do you sell them as a set as in “glove(s)” and not “glove” …singular?? Making it $1 for each pair, or $2 for the two……………………pairs…… ????????


So, off I go with my 2 pairs of gloves (for only $2 !!)….and cut off the finger tips.....

Off of JUST one pair. Don't need them both to be cut right now.

I'm saving the other pair for when my WHOLE fingers need to be warm..

Put on the now tip-less gloves and look at my hands.

Flashes of Michael Jackson come into mind…I fear I might just break into “Billie Jean” and moon-walk around the office.

Soon the tip-less gloves are kinda rolling down on my not-so-thin fingers.
It looks like a little quartet of singers in black turtle-neck sweaters!

Frankie Vallie and the Four Seasons comes to mind- with Frankie, the thumb, being shorter that the rest of the “Seasons”. (were there 3 Seasons or 4?? winter,spring, summer and fal...oh yeah...4)
And he always did sort of want to be apart from the group.

Soon, they are all lip-synching to the Christmas music on the office radio.

They have some smooth moves, those little turtle-necked guys, don’t they?

Note to self: Be careful that the tall guy in the middle bows at the same time as the others…and that he’s NOT facing the boss when they all bow but him….

Message for today…have fun. Don’t take things so seriously. Get cheap gloves if you’re going to cut the fingers out.

...............And, whatever you do, don’t let the tall guy bow last!!


Anonymous said...

Love your blog; the comment about the "tall guy" is too, too funny! Stay warm. Betty

madrekarin said...

hahahahahahaha! You crack me up! Next time you are at the Dollar Store, grab some hand warmer packets. Ad yes, they are a dollar a package. Each.
Your PIF package is on its way, at last!

The Tattered Nest said...

you are a funny girl! But don't fret, I saw crock's the other day and they were lined with fleece! oh no, I can't remember where I saw them, I know it was online! Please try not to stick your tongue to the wall...

Anonymous said...

It is so hot here. Wish you had some. i was going to tell you I saw crocs with fur here.I don't know what all sizes they come in.
hope you warmd up.

Mrs. Staggs said...

Oh gosh Colleen, your blog was just what I needed today. You've brought a smile to my face! I used to work in a big warehouse store way back when I was in my 20's. I remember how cold it was. I was a grocery checker and the counter was right in front of the entry and exit doors that were always opening. The middle of winter was really something!
I vaguely remember that there was a reindeer before Rudolph, that caught cold and couldn't guide the sleigh that night, but I sure can't remember who it was!
Thanks for sharing your delightful kitchen memory in Merryville. I enjoyed reading it very much!

Anonymous said...

Well, if you aren't the funniest, cutest and greatest gift to blogging in one whole long time, then I don't know who is. :o)

Thank you. For the belly laughs..for both my hubby and me as he was looming over my shoulder reading (he's a tall guy...snort).

I'm visiting again. Got to. You're a hoot. Write a book. It'd sell. :o)