Thursday, December 27, 2007


...that's all I can say.

It's sooo long getting here, then, BAM, it's over.
It was one great Christmas. One of the best.

Yes, I do say that every year. But this year, we are all healthy.

Last year was scary.

We all were sick. I was hospitalized and missed most of the fun.

But not this year! I didn't miss a thing...well.... a little sleep maybe.

However, now the house is quite. The fridge is cleaned out of leftovers. The dishes are done. (Laundry is another thing altogether...)

But Ella's is not here. She's happily home in New Jersey. Safe and in her Daddy's arms. He missed her terribly. She missed him.

Now I miss her.

But that's OK - I got the best present of all- a magical Christmas with a new Daughter-in-law, a happy son, a darling grand daughter and a happy Mom, a husband that loves me and puts up with me, a two adoring pups that still like to walk in the snow.
Phone calls with the rest of the family and a mother-in-law who loves her new bathroom!

I am very blessed. I KNOW I am blessed.

I am grateful.

I am amazed.
Sometimes I feel a bit guilty about being so blessed. I worry about those who are not. And I wonder why they are not..

Wish I had the answers. But that's not my job - to have all the answers.

I think my job is to ask the questions.

So, this next year, I am going to "ask" then really, REALLY try to listen. To that still, small voice. To that whisper I hear in the wind.. The song the birds are singing with their wings, or the rain on the roof...
And I will try to learn what I need to do next. What I can do to help. What I can teach the kids. What they can teach me....

And I will try to be a better person. I will.

And I will give what I can. Be it a smile to someone I don't know. Or a compliment to someone I do know. Or a helping hand. Or a shoulder. Whatever....

Because I know, I really know, I am blessed.

And I thank you, Lord, for what you've given me. Given to all of us.
I also want to thank you who stop by my little blog.... You really mean a lot to me and I have enjoyed you all & have learned so much !

I hope this cyber-friendship will continue on for the next year as well.
g'night my friends,
- me


The Feathered Nest said...

Oh Colleen, what an absolutely precious photo of beautiful Ella and such a beutiful post too....I love so says it all! I'm so glad you had a wonderful Christmas. You're right, we must be thankful for what is here, now and good....xxoo, Dawn

Anonymous said...

You said it so perfectly! Our dogs even have tags that say "Not Spoiled, Blessed" and that's exactly the way we feel. Your blog has brought me so much joy this year, as I'm sure it has to others. I think that's your job...bringing joy to others...and you do it extremely well! Hope your new year is happy! Love, Betty

Pen Pen said...

Such a sweet post from the heart. I, too, feel that I am truly blessed. Sometimes I think what a wonderful life I've lived so far and wonder sometimes why I deserve it! God is so good! Happy New Year!

Teacher -n- Training said...

Great post! I love the handprints of you and Ella.

The Tattered Nest said...

Ella is blessed to have a Grandma like you!