Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Uh...Hi there....

Well, now that I have your attention...isn't he cute?! Ah, Blitzen, Blitzen....bliltzed!

So Heather, who is my friend, signed us both up for a quick class tonight. Trouble was, she had to work late and didn't make it.
I really didn't know what the class was, but she said it looked "cute" so I thought I'd go.
It was fun! I made this incredible folding-up-box that had 4 little origami "drawers" to put stuff in.

Little stuff.

Like, stamps, paper clips, safety

Anyway, mine is a little "off" ...kinda like the first pancake of the bunch - no one really wants to eat that one...but it gets you ready for the real thing...but my next one will be more aligned.

Here it is closed...with the little gift card to go along with it...

And here is is opened....Surprise!

Then..back to closing......


So I'm off to bed....g'night.



Kristina Werner said...

SO CUTE! I love that box!

Penny said...

Ta da.... love that box! said...

Yours looks so good I am going home and making mine tonight! I will let you know how it goes! Also will you send me a picture of those trees so I can put it on my blog silly me I didn't take a picture I made 2 sets of 3 one for you and one for my mom and don't have a piture of all 3 in their glory! Thanks, Heather