Saturday, July 16, 2011

Good Saturday mornin' !...or good whatever mornin'..or evening you may be reading this..or..well..

We interrupt this blog with breaking news!!

"Houston..we have lift-off!!"

...I now have ....Empty Nest Syndrome...

..just "hi"..

Wanted to give you a little update on the hummers...who we've named...

Fred & Ethel.

Yep, Fred & Ethel.  Although I loved Lucy & Ricky probably Lucy more than Ricky if I'm being honest

......I always thought Fred & Ethel were just the cutest..ever...even though he sometime was a Grumpy Gus..well, he wasn't really a Grumpy Gus..just exhibited Grumpy Gus-llike tendencies..

So, here they are...Fred & Ethel..

I know the time is coming soon when they will strike out on their own..and that makes me sad..and happy..but sad..but proud..but sad.

We'll miss them for sure.

Mr. B and me {I know, bad English..but ...".Mr. B and I" doesn't sound the same..} will miss calling each other out to see the progress..

to wonder at their see Mama Gracie buzz us when we get too close..

..but maybe next year...Ethel will come back to where she knows her nest will safe.{.except for those two people, one who actually stands on lawn chairs with a camera..and the other who lovingly fills the feeders..}

And we will see the cycle again..and be fortunate enough to be a part  of God's miracles..

Thank you Gracie, and Fred & Ethel and God..and MamaSweetieBird..



Lucy said...

That's funny. Much as I loved that show and have commited every script to memory, I never liked the Fred character. He annoyed me all the time. Bad casting or something. He and Ethyl were oil and water. And I've heard they couldn't stand each other in real life so that's interesting. But hey! Love the names for the little birdies.

Holly said...

They are so darned sweet. We have the same thing going on around here but with quail. Love all the babies. We have 5 quail families in our back yard. One of the poor mommas has 8 babies!

Vee said...

Fred and Ethel didn't like each other? I never knew. I like Fred a lot because he reminded me of quite a few old duffers I knew. Brings back warm of fuzzy memories of "Get outta here, kid, and leave me alone."

I can tell that you really have enjoyed this hummer raising time for the second time around. Hope that you always have a few hummers in your life.

Hummmmmmmmmmm...not those kind of hummers, though.

just call me jo said...

I hope the person climbing on the lawn chair is careful. Those chairs can throw ya sometimes. I love the pics. You are such a sweet person. I'm sure God knew where to guide the birds so they'd have an appreciative audience. He's good that way.

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

Awwwwwwwww, you are so lucky, to have this show...... So lucky. :-)

Just don't fall off the lawn chair, getting pics!



Ann said...

So adorable ... you are fortunate to have this experience.

T's Daily Treasures said...

Colleen, you make me smile! Guess what we watched on the airplane over to Nepal ... yep, I Love Lucy! Well, I watched it. Zack, my 12-year old thought it was lame ... I was laughing. :) Seems like those hummers know a good thing when they find it; they keep coming back. Have a wonderful rest of the weekend. Tammy

camp and cottage living said...

Sweet photos. I have a hard time
getting good shots of birds.
DH and I watch old lucy shows quite often. I liked Fred just fine! I think it took all of them acting together to make that show what it was.
The old family photos are adorable!

Laurie said...

Precious perfect pics Colleen, and how awesome to see them so up close! Enjoy the rest of your week-end!

Pearl said...

Aww how fun! Great pics too, I would miss them too. But alas Mama you got to let them go!!

Breezy said...

I love the names!! Fred and Ethel are now happily hummin around.
Great pics.


Debby@Just Breathe said...

I loved Fred and Ethel too! Those are fantastic photos, sorry your nest is now empty.

diane b said...

How exciting to see your babies fly. I just saw my grandbaby take his first steps before we left CA. That was exciting too. It was nice to hear your voice too. It was a shame that we weren't in SLC longer so we could have met. I'm sure we would have had a laugh together.I loved your girdle story.

Vicki aka Jake said...

So cute Colleen! Lucy, Rickey, Fred, Ethyl, Mr and Mrs B...and the pups.
Maybe next year you'll add the Flintstones! You're a hoot:)