Tuesday, April 6, 2010

It WAS a party!

...Yes, it was.

..and while I was hand-shaking and greeting his friends, not a single story was duplicated..and oh, were there stories!

It seems all who knew him, loved him.

They all laughed with him, worked with him, cowboyed with him and drank with him..

And they are all better for knowing him...

And they will all miss him, but are looking forward to that day when he'll once again cook us breakfast, tell us a story, make us laugh and toast to our health and happiness...

This is the group that had a sleep-over at my sister Gerri's house afterwards -

Gerri, Kathy' and her son Dan and his two, Zachary & Katrina and my grandson Brian and his girly-friend, Tessa..and of course Owen and Molly..{not necessarily in that order...}

Beautiful day!

Katrina's first time working with the horses :-)

He would have been so happy for the way the day turned out....I know we all were..

This was my toast at the party :

"Before he was a Marine, before he was a husband, before he was a father & a grandfather, he was our brother…

...Larry, this is for you:

Kind family and friends please join me in rhyme
Come lift up your voices in chorus with mine.

Come drink and be merry
Turning grief to good cheer.
'Till we stand with him
Again drawing near.

Here's health to his family
His sons and a lass.
We hold up a pint
And all share from one glass.

Let us smile & remember
Turning grief to delight.
Till that day when we see him
And again hold him tight.

Here's health to his heirs
That he adored without doubt.
Their love and their bond
He could not live without.

Never failing his friends
Always there to give aid
Always loving his family
Let his memory not fade

His ship has set sail
We prayed for smooth seas
And soft winds prevail,
'Till Heaven he sees..

When we leave here to meet him
Whether by land or by sea
May you never forget
His affection for thee."

We love you, Larry and will always smile at the mention of your name :-)



Pearl said...

Now that's a toast girlfriend! Loved the pictures, what a happy family you all are vibrant and beautiful. Here's a shout out to Larry! uhhh...shout out!!!

Karen said...

What a tribute! I'm sure he was a lovely man if you all loved him so much.

Laurie said...

Now let me see if I can type through the tears. Beautiful post Colleen, beautiful pictures, and a beautiful toast and song. You touched my heart, and those of all in attendance. To Larry! God Bless You

Lucy said...

Great post, Colleen!

Betty said...

What a wonderful tribute to a really fine person! And then there were three...take good care of each other!!

Love ya.

Breezy said...

Wonderful tribute.. I am wiping away the tears.
What a loving family you have!

Just Breathe said...

What a beautiful tribute to your brother Larry. Love all the wonderful photos. You did a him proud.

Lovey said...

Colleen...such a beautiful post and tribute to your brother Larry. I know he will be missed but the love you all share is so strong...you'll all be just fine. Beautifully done.xoxo

diane said...

A wonderful tribute to your brother Larry. The mozaics are great and the poem heart wrenching.Glad you could make it a happy time too.

Jillian said...

"We will always smile at the mention of your name" can definitely be said of you as well Colleen. You make me happy :) Thanks for being the wonderful you that you are!

Sue said...

Larry sounds like a wonderful man, and I love how his life was celebrated. Your tribute to him is beautiful.



Heather said...

beautiful toast! what a great time to celebrate him.