Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I think every woman should visit "Build-a-Bear"..or as I call it...


I have decided it's better than a baby doll..when people see me with one of mine -they don't think I am having second {and way too late} thoughts of having my tubes tied 35 years ago (Oh, Happy Birthday Brandi!!)

Yes, at the hospital, they said I singed the papers faster than anyone ever had..and I seem to recall me grabbing the nurse by the collar and talking like the crazy-weird-one form the Exorcist......"get me those papers..NOW!"

Anyway, Happy {yesterday} to my youngest and LAST..Brandi Danielle..Mother of Ella and wife of Johnny..

So, back to Build-a-Friend..

When someone sees me. they just think is "Old-Timers"..or "Some-Timers"..as opposed to Alzheimer's..a grown woman with a stuffed friend..geesh..

But there are definitely perks of not having a baby doll..with my "friends"..I can be seen as eccentric..not depraved..

If I see an out fit for a boy..then my buddy is a boy..and I can get the cute overalls and hoodie with work boots..

If I see all pink and ruffly, or white with sparkles and fur trimmed..then my friend is my girly-girl...or a Santa-Girl

Try that with a doll or heaven forbid..a real child! You'd be paying for counseling for the 2 of you for ev-veh!

And, remember trying to put socks on a squiggly-baby-child?  Yeah..took like a half hour just to get one curly-toed foot into a shoe..then you have another one to do..

And plastic dolls with shoes, well hard to put on and easy to fall off.  As a side note - they now offer Barbie's with removable FEET that have shoes ALREADY permanently ON THEM??!!

That's just soooo wrong..oh, they also have a Barbie's dog that you can feed, then lift his tail and he...POOPS! It comes with little doggie bags and everything..I. Kid. You. Not!

{yeah..I totally got one of these for Emily a while back. I know..I know..I am a baaaad Grammie.}
What's next?  "Senior Citizen Barbie"?



OK, so maybe I am living my second childhood..for the first time..
After all, when all of my school friends had dollies..I had April, my first born..and was still trying to shove her little feet into shoes..




Artistic Accents by Darla said...

I love all your bears!!! The pooping dog...oh my! What WILL people come up with! haha

I can relate to the barbie with wrinkles and gray hair....sadly!!

Have a very Merry Christmas Colleen and thank you for a year of wonderful posts to make me smile!

Sherry Goodloe said...

I'd like to see a Barbie going through menopause with Ken around!

Merry Christmas Colleen xo

Vee said...

You mean people say things about gals who like to play with dolls? Teddy bears, too? Well I never! Until I started visiting you, I didn't know that I'd like to dress a teddy bear. I do have several and the most that any ever wear is a pair of glasses and a scarf. It gets cold in the winter.

just call me jo said...

You are hilarious (and, I might add, perfectly justified to have any toy child you wish.) They are so much easier to deal with than living offspring.

Laurie said...

You've made my year more fun Colleen! What a funny post. Right down to the pooping dog,

Vicki aka Jake said...

Really, Barbie is so full of botox :)
And you keep dressing and playing with your dolly bears. That's one thing we've earned, the right to do whatever makes us happy.

Ho Ho Ho COlleen!

Sweet Repose-Junk Revival said...

I am sooooo looking for that pooping dog, only you my friend...hey that senior Barbie sorta looks like me...heehee!!!

You are a real sicko...I like that in a person!!!


Karen said...

Every time I go past Build A Bear I think I should go in and make one. Should have asked for a gift certificate for Christmas.

Breezy said...

I really do need to go there~~ sounds like so much fun.

Merry Christmas

North of 25A said...

I love Build-a-Bear! And you should see my doll collection... e-Bay changed my under-privledged dolly life!
Ho ho ho,

Sue said...

Never been to Build-a-Bear, but I must have one of those dogs that poops! Too funny!

Wishing you a wonderful Christmas Colleen!



Debby@Just Breathe said...

I am definately asking for Build-A-Bear gift cards for Mother's Day next year. I have gone with my great nieces & nephew and it's so much fun. Love that pooping dog!

Lovey said...

Fantastic! I just have no other words! You bring such a smile to me when I visit! Merry Christmas!...Loving the senior Barbie and pooping dog..heehee.

Anonymous said...

Barbie is hilarious. Is she still an urban skeleton or has she lost her waist like the rest of us?

Dapoppins said...

Im sure senior citizen barbie is in great shape and does daily tai-chi.

But the barbies with revolvable feet are just wrong. Darn it, half the fun is making sure you don't loose Barbies tiny stilettos in the first week!