Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Ho Ho Holy Cow...

..It's over.  Really. Next year is on it's way..

And we had a very, um, non-traditional Christmas.

With a surprise trip..

And a surprise location.

Did I mention it was a surprise??  Even to the hosts??

Yep. Mr. B surprised all of us, even Mr. B , V2.0..and his wife.

So, here's a hint...

New York??




Las Vegas!  Yeppers..I spent Christmas Eve in a casino..

Different, huh?

And, Christmas morning by the pool...

Is that the ...Grinch???

nope..just me .
AND...I found Santa Claus at a truck stop! 

Shut Up!

Oh yes I did.


...so, more later.

 But right now I am smelling my Black Bean Sweet Potato Chili simmering on the stove top..and I am hUNgRy!



Neabear said...

Must say that is an unusual trip...but then I am sure it was warmer there than at your place. We are under flash flood warnings at the moment. Lots of rain out there. Love the picture of you and Mr B and the pups in your header.

Stay well now!


Sue said...

What a fun surprise! I've never been to Vegas, however from what I have heard - it is definitely FUN city!

And to top it off, you actually got to get your pic taken with Santa! Whooooooaaaa!


Karen said...

Was that Hubby's idea? He's a good one!

Breezy said...

What a great surprise!! but honestly I had no idea Santa lived at a truck stop..:)

Happy New Year


Debby@Just Breathe said...

What an awesome surprise. I knew exactly where you were when I saw the pictures!

Laurie said...

I guessed New York, but Nevada never crossed my mind! What an awesome gift Colleen! Now what is Black Bean Sweet Potato Chili!?

T's Daily Treasures said...

Wow! That was a different kinda Christmas but must have been so much fun. I make a squash and black bean chili and it is absolutely amazing. Yummo! Best wishes, Tammy

just call me jo said...

I noticed you had fuzzy socks on by the pool. Yes, my daughter lives in LV and it's not THAT warm there yet. (You'd never want to pop over and visit her. Her life is chaotic and messy...) That chili sounds delicious. Enjoy the New Year. (Oh, and I knew Santa lived in a truck stop near Vegas. I sooooo knew that!)

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

You???????? Do non-traditional?????
Nahhhhhhhhhh!!!! >,-) Who'd-a-thunk?!?!?! Whatever rocks your boat, my Dear!

So glad you had a great time and are back, safe and sound.

Gentle New Year's hugs...

Elizabeth said...

How wonderful! I have always wanted a non-traditional Christmas.Maybe one day when my Grands are grown.

Baxter's Mom said...

How fun!!!!! Hope you won big!!

Vicki aka Jake said...

Love it.
On to another year of surprises :)

susan said...

Okay, truck stop Santa AND sweet potato chili? I'm totally jealous. Hope your new year is just as surprising.