Monday, August 16, 2010

Wish I could have....

.a slip sewed into all my skirts..that way, all I'd have to do is pull-up my skirt and not worry about....

.. where's my slip? I have a clean slip?
..where's the tag on my slip & should it line up with the tag on my skirt??

{yeah..I wish..}

..and a purse-thingy that I could remove the innards and change purses as easily as changing shoes..slip one thingy out and slip it into my new, better, prettier {other} purse (s)..

..and mechanical pencil that the lead doesn't break..

..and another word for lead (the pencil stuff)  and lead..what leaders do..

note: the following was gleaned from an on-line-Googly-dictionary-site..forgot to note which one..}

Lead vs. Led Entry #307719

The past tense of the verb lead—pronounced LEED—is led, which is the conjugation used for all subjects. Instead, people commonly write its homophone, lead, which refers to the element on the periodic table. There is a triangular relationship between these three words: Lead and lead are homonyms, led is a conjugation of lead, and led is a homophone of lead, the metal. Confused yet? Well, confusion is what the following examples will hopefully eliminate.


He leads the league in scoring. {and just what league is he leading in??}

At sites known as buffalo jumps, Native Americans once led herds of bison over cliffs, sending them plunging to their deaths. {now there's an image I will have in my RUDE..}

Children can obtain lead poisoning from eating paint chips. {give them tortilla chips instead..seems simple enough.?.}

Stop leading me on...{or stop penciling on me, which would be "leading on me"}

Robert E. Lee led the Confederate forces at Gettysburg, the largest battle of the American Civil War. {wow..a history lesson as well..bonus! could've just said I led the Bunny Hop yesterday at work.}

It was Colonel Mustard with the lead pipe in the conservatory! {or was it Dr. Finch int eh kitchen with a spatula?} {.. who has a 'conservatory' ??  ..and what are you conserving anyway??}

..and a self-cleaning bathroom

..oh and eyeglass the "skins" that cover cell phones and iPods? Where you can change the color or add a design, to your existing device?  You'd have different glasses every day (at lest frame-color-wise..)

..and a warning bell on the last toilet paper roll..

Is that asking too much?

"Honey..we're out of Zim Dollars..can you bring me some??"
{added: I have no idea what Zim Dollars are...anyone? }
I think not.


Oh, how about spell check that just fixed the word?  Not have you guess at what you were triyung to say..and highlight it is screaming-yellow-zonkers-yellow {as if I feel badly enough about not being able to type..OR spell??}

-me, tired, and Monday and wanting a waffle..


Neabear said...

Fun post! And what ever are Zim Dollars? Never heard of those! Our language can be so crazy. And those who misuse "your" drives me crazy. Your and you're are not the same. Same with there, their and they're. Sometimes I just cringe when I see them used incorrectly.

Love the slip idea!


Laurie said...

I love how your (not you're) brain works Colleen! Greater than (not then) mine! It's great (not grate) to read (not read, oh wait does that rhyme with greed or bread?) Oh well, anyway funny post!

Lucy said...

You still wear a slip? For me they went out in the 70's. I got tired of wearing "two skirts". And living in Arizona had a lot to do with the decision too. :)

Emmy said...

Love the new header! And I would just love an interchangeable purse or a mechanincal pencil that doesn't break! I can't even begin to express how annoying that can be! :P

Vee said...

The whole slip thing is a true connudrum, just let us not think that we can get away without wearing one. Oh my.

Deep in the grammar stuff, eh? Hope that this has helped a few to know the difference. Although, truthfully, in a rush of typing, anything can get put down. :D

Melinda Cornish said...

they do make those purse things that go in and out so you can change them easy......the rest you better figure out and get patents on......

Lori R. said...

ditto to all that, and I want a waffle too! Thanks Colleen for bringing some wonderful ideas to light...