Thursday, August 5, 2010

3 things that made me smile on a regular Wednesday

OK, so we do sometimes need to look for the little surprises, the tiny delights, the serendipitous in the everyday..

You know, past the piles of laundry that mock me as I pass the hamper...

..or the fact that most of my self-imposed allowance..or stipend..{love that word..sounds so much classier than "allowance"} is used for gas in my car to go to work so I can afford gas for my car..

..or that someone was surprised shocked that I was on FaceBook at my age..wha???

I found three little "yays"..

Homegrown zucchini on steroids..not really..but HUGE..

the lovely Mr. B grilled ..I seasoned with a little olive oil (evoo in Rachael Ray speak..what is extra virgin olive oil anyway??  Can one be extra virgin..? Kinda like going into a fast food place and ordering an "Extra medium" soda..hey, they offer extra large right??)

focus Colleen..

OK, I put olive oil, garlic pepper and a little Montreal Steak Seasoning in a baggie and did the shake, shake shake, shake shake shake, shake  your veggies,shake your veggies ala KC & The Sunshine Band..

Sprinkled a little Parmesan cheese..OK extra little Parm....and enjoyed!

And I started another cloth I haven't finished the first A.D.D. remember? I have extra A.D.D..hahaha..

This one is about 6 by 9 and has a beautiful cinnamon-scented tag I won (along with about 10 more!!) from the talented Blanca from

..this is just the cover so far..I want to find some great words to add to the book.

And lastly (another fun be said in a stuffy-English accent "lah-st-lee" English sitcom Jillian from work introduced me to that I can't get enough of on YouTube..

The Vicar of Dibley..{I want to live there.....ahhh..what lovely characters!}

So there you have it..a smile and a smile and a smile..sound like and extra regular Wednesday to me :-)



Laurie said...

Thanks Colleen for the day brighteners! I love the I can't believe it's not butter! I even played it back a couple more times to see if I could get it! I think I am now, what a hoot!

Robin said...

Your A.D.D. is really paying off here with your fabric books!!

T's Daily Treasures said...

I always smile when I come to visit you as your posts are always fun, thought provoking and inspiring. That zucchini looks fabulous. My cousin has a bumper crop every year -- my aunt says they are like baseball bats. :) Best wishes for a beautiful day Tammy

Just Breathe said...

Yum on the zucchini! Your are extra talented, love the cloth books. The video was extra funny, I had a great laugh!

cathycan said...

Extra Virgin Olive oil is olive oil that hasn't even fooled around a little bit.
Your cloth books are fantastic! I'll have to try something like that.
did you first take a class or just jump right in? You definitely have a talent for it.

Karen said...

You make ME smile too, Colleen.

Sue said...

Yum...looking at that zucchini makes me think of zucchini bread LOL

Love your cloth books Colleen, they are fabulous. LOL at the vid - I love YouTube too - a great resource!