Friday, August 20, 2010 was Mr. B's birthday..but we're getting cake-faced tomorrow..

I remember one of my kids asking once how their birthdays all landed on Saturdays?  Every year??

I think I said something brilliant and motherly like "Huuuh.."

Truth be told..Saturday was the best day to have a birthday on..(is that a dangling preposition??)

Saturday was the best day in which to have a birthday.....{on} hahaha..

..especially since I have always worked, Saturday was the optimum choice. 

No different now..the kids are grown and I was 'found out'..but I'm still working and birthdays are still celebrated on Saturday..

If you're in the neighborhood..I'm making home made lasagna and garlic bread.  Grandma Evelyn made a Coke-a-Cola cake..and Mr. B would love to meet you all..

In the meantime, here are a couple of photos from the art room..cloth transfers for upcoming projects..

Have a good Saturday..and just go and have a wonderful Sunday, too..



Karen said...

Gee....thanks for the invite. Wish I were in the neighborhood!

Vee said...

Are you cake-faced yet? I think it's way too early actually...but the party sounds like great fun and I'm so happy that I can participate in a small way by wishing Mr. B. a very happy birthday and the best year he's ever had! Have a blast!!

Lori R. said...

Happy Belated Birthday Mr. B! I know you will have a great celebration because I bet Colleen always makes sure of that (being such a party girl as she is and it is SATURDAY!!!!)

just call me jo said...

Birthdays all on Saturdays, huh? How old were they when they finally figured out the truth? Or are they still celebrating on Saturday? You're funny. Tell Mr. B I said,"Hey!" Have a nice weekend.

Pen Pen said...

Happy Birthday to Mr. B... love those "Saturday" birthdays!

Emmy said...

Happy birthday, Mr. B!

Life is good! said...

happy, happy birthday, mr B! enjoy the cake.

Ming said...

Well a very Happy Birthday to Mr. B and many more!

Love the cake-faced comment.

Darn, I JUST made plans for movie and dinner tonight, otherwise my 'play it by ear', 'Get outta jail FREE' weekend could have included a stop by to meet and celebrate! LOL

P.S. (Apparently when Mr. B gets a bit older, he can start to have Birthday Months like my Mom celebrates! No need to limit it to one Saturday near his true birthday. You can be cake-faced ALL MONTH LONG!)

Just Breathe said...

I love it "cake faced" your always so much fun! Hope he has a perfect day.