Sunday, August 15, 2010

Optimum-Room-Tempreature-Control-and-Comfort-Level-Maintenance is...

..not for the faint at heart..

That's why the aMAzIng Mr. B has in under control..

Or so he thinks..

It's a very very complicated process..and something he has tried to e'splain to me numerous times.


Step 1:

Check the inside temperature..

Step 2:

Go to the outside thermometer and check that one..

Step 3:

Re-check the inside temperature..

Step 4:

Measure the width of Lulu..

Step 5:

Open front window 1.5 inches less than the width of Lulu..

Step 6:

Put humongous fan in back room window..blowing out {yeah- we're cooling the universe..}

Step 7:

Open bedroom window at the head of Mr. B..

{this would interfere with the air flow over Mr. B..}

Step 8: {to be done before 6am in the morning}:

Repeat all steps and reverse..when previously close..

Check inside temperature..and re-set it to...."Popsicle"..

Find blankets for wife..

Geesh... I kinda like to "set" the thermometer..and

leave it..

But hey, that's just me.

Hope you have a wonderful, cool, perfect temperature-ed Sunday..

Now, let's just hope Lulu doesn't loose weight..



just call me jo said...

Wow, that's exhausting. Luckily my husband and I sort of compromise on temp. (Notice I say "sort of. That means he likes it whatever way I like it :o) Winter will be here soon...

Pen Pen said...

LOL... too funny! We are constantly moving our thermostat up and down, but we haven't resorted to the windows and fan method yet. :o)

Karen said...

It's simple at our hot weather, the AC is on "Arctic" and Hubby gets an extra sweater and a quilt at night.

Lucy said...

Yup! And if we could just cool off like Salt Lake area does at night. *sigh*

Ming said...

Talk about a production! LOL... carefully orchestrated production of how to keep cool... that's why God created AC... flip the thermostat and stay cool. BTW, my Sunday has been cool in the perfectly temperature-ed AC.
Thanks for the laugh.

ain't for city gals said...

I think all of us are going through this with the record breaking temps! This month I am glad we are living in our 300 square foot guest house (while we build). I am pretty much guilt free on the thermastat doesn't take much to keep me cool with the small square footage so I set it for my comfort changes from minute to minute now a days...

Vee said...

We do that cooling of the universe thing, too. It kind of works, doesn't it?

Pearl said...

Toooo funeee! Sounds like us but I go right behind my husband and change it,he finally gave up :)

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

Why do men have to speak of "air flow"?

It sounds good, to leave downstairs windows open, all night and suck the cooler air, to upstairs. But, when I read about this idea I just said... I thought, mmmmmmmmm, ok if you live a zillion miles from other people and don't have to lock your doors or windows, at night.


Just Breathe said...

Great description! We kinda just keep it set at one temperature :)
However it does cool down great here in CA at night but we don't open windows. The night air is harder on the lungs.