Thursday, December 18, 2008

The little mug nobody wanted...

Last year at Christmas, while at the Cracker Barrel, I spotted this cute mug...or at least I thought it was cute...and thought of just the person to send her to...

Wrapped her carefully and lovingly, not to break off her handle or her..other...ah....udder parts...

..and sent her off to her new home... California!! You know what they say about "California cows" and all...happy, happy happy, contented, happy happy

Well, seems "they", whoever "they" are also say, "If you love something, set it free...if it comes back to you, you know it was meant to be.." or some flaky-hot-tub-therapist-granola-psychoanalysis-mumbojumbo crap..

Guess I must have really, ReALly loved it...'cos she CAME BACK to me today in the form of a Christmas gift...from California..Oh yes, you read right...

Yep, in the true spirit of re-gifting, my sweet brother-in-law (Mr. B v.2.0) and his lovely wife, for whom the gift was initially intended, sent this little darling ...back to me...HAHAHAHAHAA!

Ahhhh..that's too funny - she always HAtEd that mug...although I can't imagine (wait for it................) still utterly baffles me!!

PS - oh yes, they sent TONZZZ of great wonderfully wrapped gifts for us all, as they do every year - but this one.....well, let's just see where she spends NEXT ChriStMAs!!!!!!!!!!
Bwaaahaaa! (evil laugh)


ps - for those wanting my "secret recipe" for the cakettes, a confession:

...don't tell anyone...but the Cakettes are totally cheater-cakes! They're from a mix...there, I've said it! I am not what I pretend to be...a baker at all, but someone who can find cake mixes on sale, buy jars, sanitize them in the "Sanitize-cycle" of the dishwasher (I didn't even do the whole "boiling -in-the-old-spaghetti-pot" thing ...just made the mix, used pineapple juice I drained from the rings for the liquid in the cake, sprayed the cleaned and air dried jars with Pam, sprinkled a little brown sugar in the bottom, put in the pineapple ring, cherry and about a large ice cream scoop of mixed cake mix, place on a cookie sheet (with no sides touching) bake for about 30 minutes, and as soon as they come out, place the seal part of the lid on them, then screw on the rings tightly (you'll need to hold the hot jars with a hot pad..) and listen for the "Ping"! Re-tighten the lids and, Viola! Cakes in a Jar - ready for the freezer for 6 months, or on the shelf for 6 weeks..(yeah, like any of them will last that long!!)

If you come up with any great combinations (we were thinking about orange cake mix, a little orange zest and chocolate chips!) let me know.

Decorate the jars with little rounds of scrapbook paper, paper doilies, cloth, or stickers, add a ribbon or twine and you're all set!


Betty said...

Well, I personally love that little cup! Is that going to be one of those gifts which goes back and forth each Christmas? "There's always next year!"

Thanks for the little cake recipe. Remind me to tell you about Jack's birthday cake..I'm such a kitchen loser! Guess that's better than being a Halloween kitchen witch, eh?

I'll email you about my favorite mug. Love ya.

Sweet Repose said...

Thanks for the recipe...can't wait to try, if I can ever get to the store again...

When I lived in Colorado I had a best friend back in Iowa that would send a wrapped gift of a can of Spam every year, to which I complied by sending back a can of spam...every year for seven years. When I moved back we had a Spam cook-off at a local bar, the beer battered, deep-fried Spam was a hit and we are still friends today...but neither eat the mystery meat anymore (or ever did)...we grew up...HA!


Lucy said...

I love the mug. What's not to like. I'm going out to Cracker Barrel and see if they have another one. Life is for laughing.

Irish Cottage Dreams said...

I love that mug! Who could not like
it? (btw, on the 26th I will have a
video on re-gifting on my blog. ha!)


Laurie and Chris said...

Oh My Goodness!! That is too FUNNY!!!!