Monday, December 22, 2008

Well, we just got a neat Christmas present at work...

They told us we didn't havta come in on Friday..the day after Christmas, and unlike so many other folks, we will be paid for that day and not have to use a holiday! And we will have a job to go to in the New Year...

I am very blessed...and very thankful.

I found some vintage Christmas images for you to use in your artwork - just right click and save them to your files. Hope you can use them -

A gentler time...does anyone remember muffs?? I had one. And a coat with a black fake-fur collar and cuffs that matched the muff. I think the coat was a green wool...I must've been about 4 or Chicago..
This one above reminds me of the kind of cards my Mother used to send out..
I like this one but I'm not fond of shortening "Christmas" to Xmas...

Awwww...kissy, kissy!
These little angels look waaay too serious - but I'll bet as soon as the photo was taken, they giggled and ran out of the studio and probably threw snowballs all the way home! Heaven..

Be careful out there. Drive cautiously on the black ice. Keep a blanket and a jar of peanut butter in the trunk (peanut butter won't freeze and you'll have protein) and a bag of kitty for that..for traction under your tires, silly!

Now, for my Arizona friends. Be careful out there. Drive cautiously on the hot pavement. Keep a bathing suit and bottle of water in the trunk (hopefully, the water won't boil and you'll not die of dehydration) Keep a bag of sun-block, a visor, sunglasses and the latest People magazine...not for the gossip, for the great articles, silly!

And have a joyful Tuesday!


Betty said...

Ooh, good ideas about Arizona!

I kept a 50-lb. bag of scratch feed in my car in Idaho. Good for traction and it gave the little birds something to eat, also. I haven't thought about ice and snow in soooo long. Okay, I think about it, but I don't worry about it the way I used to.

Be careful, be very careful!

Enjoy your time with Kathy and your day off Friday!

madrekarin said...

Enjoy your bonus day off!! I agree with you on the Xmas thing. My grandmother signed all of her cards that way and I always thought she was being lazy. It must have been something that caught on one year and stuck.
Thanks for sharing these wonderful images. I just love vintage cards.

Sweet Repose said...

I had a muff...a lil' fuzzy white one that went ever so nicely with my bright red coat and white tights, were they a bitch when they got twisted in your snow clothes, how did that crotch get on my hip...argh...the good ol' days!

Gotta bag of kitty litter in the back seat of the truck, right next to my shovel, under the spare blanket, next to the flairs and the axe and the box of matches tucked into my spare gloves that are stored in my spare snow boots...did I forget anything...oh yeah, the peanutbutter(and Hershey Bars)(for medicinal purposes only)!

Ah life in the arctic(might as well be)... stay warm and quit sendin' all that white stuff this a way!


La Dolce Vita with LeAnn said...

Just came to SLC to drop my daughter off at the airport....on her way to NYC...Lucky Girl. Thanks for the winter ideas for the trunk, I'd never thought about the peanut butter...marvelous. I love vintage Christmas cards! Enjoy your Friday off, I have off until Jan 5th... Lucky Girl. Enjoy that tomato ravioli soup = so easy!

Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage said...

He he ! I love the ideas of things to keep in your car ~ I am definitely a fan of the Arizona ideas the best ~
Have a wonderful Christmas ~

Irish Cottage Dreams said...

Merry Christmas to and your family!

with love, Kimme


Colleen..Wishing you and your family a blessed Christmas! and hugs from Minnesota where those black ice driving tips will come in very handy!