Saturday, November 1, 2008

You're probably getting tired of photos of Utah in the fall...

But, I can't get enough...the color...the crunch...

This walkway reminds me of when like Marines get married..not to each other..

Well, not that I have anything against that, and I guess, well, I don't really know...are there women Marines??

But anyway, when the trees sort of "meet" each other across the path, it looks like when they get married and the other Marines hold their swords up and make like a thingy to run through..
Yeah. Like that. Only not.

This is where I fell............just messin' with ya..I don't know what I was doing..

This is an old handle on an old door....maybe I have doors on my brain since Mr. B is buying, hanging, measuring, priming, and painting (2 coats) 5 the kitchen.
No, we don't have 5 doors in the kitchen. Well, actually we do now..but they're from the hallway.
Yes, we have 5 doors in out teensy-short hallway.
1 - pantry
1- bathroom
1- art room
1- bedroom
= 4 ??
Oh yea, the one teensy-little closet int he bedroom - that makes 5.
OK, so I lied. We have 4 doors in our teensy-short hallway...
we still have 5 doors propped up in the kitchen.
So there.
Have a fun Sunday...
And remember....measure twice..cut once....
I'm just sayin'....

Beautiful sunshine on the peak - in a breath- it was gone..

...the sunshine..the peak's still there. Silly.


BumbleVee said...

Don't think I ever tire of Nature's beauty...and, I love scuffing through the crispy leaves.

Irish Cottage Dreams said...

oh sooo pretty! I love fall!
Isn't it neat when the air gets
crisper and the leaves start to
change :) Makes me wanna go
and watch "you've got mail".
Hmm, I think I will!

Betty said...

Enjoyed the pictures; and, especially your 'Marine-thingy-trees' made me laugh so hard. You know, I don't know if there are women Marines...aren't they the ones with the motto about "a few good MEN"?? Take care.

Charmingdesigns said...

I never get tired of seeing Utah! Laurie

Lucy said...

Well number one, I never get tired of seeing your photos or your blog and number two...I lovvvva that last photo with the sun on that peak. Makes me very homesick for those mountains.

white o'morn cottage said...

Those mountains are so beautiful..I never get tired of seeing them.

the old schoolhouse said...

Ed and i call them kissing trees, love the photos Angie x

Jan said...

I'll never get tired of seeing Fall in Utah! It's beautiful!
Oh, I am just catching up on posts and have to tell you how great your Halloween costume was! CrAcKeD me up!!!

Lara said...

I think the photos are GREAT!