Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I was going to..

..write a silly, meaningless entry tonight...until I found out my blogging friend, Karin of http://perfectlittlemiracle.blogspot.com/ had the worst day any of us who love our pet companions could have..

She lost her beloved, Bentley, to cancer.

Will you stop by and give her your support? She is one of the most wonderful, kindhearted persons I know and it brakes my heart to know she's going through this now.


I fully understand how she feels tonight...you see, we had to put and end to Charlie's suffering the ravages of cancer, too. It has been 6 years but it still hurts and even though Charlie led us to Braxton and Lulu (in his own loving way) my heart still grieves.

And, although you are making the most humane decision, it wretches your heart to no end..

Karin will need all the kind thoughts and loving messages to get her through the loss of her beloved companion. Please stop by and read her beautiful tribute to Bentley.


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Julie said...

We have had to put down three dogs - Beau, at 14, Brandy, 14 1/2 and Lady, 16 1/2. It never gets any easier but it is the humane thing to do. Our current dogs are 6 and 2 so hopefully we won't have to deal with the issue for a long time.