Monday, November 10, 2008

Thanks-mas is going to the "dogs"...

Kobe scores the ball from Emily

"Thanks-Mas"..for those who are new to my blog, or have not heard the story, let me explain...

We have family so not close to us (in distance not in heart) .

As in other states.
Not Utah.
And, because we wanted to see the kids and the grandkids open their presents, and they wanted to see us open theirs, we decided to have "Thanks-Mas"..a combination of Thanksgiving (which many of my family travel to Utah to have with us) and Christmas (the holiday where you'd love to have the kids, but they're grown and have their own traditions, experiences, etc.) at one time.

Gorgeous Kobe - with snow all around his collar...
So, it's turkey on Thursday, then Black Friday shopping for the girls, and breakfast with the men at about 10-ish - then off to see Wheeler Farm, or Thanksgiving Point or Gardner Village.

The evening is like Christmas Eve - a scurry of wrapping, giggling, talking and card playing.

Saturday morning then becomes "Christmas" with all meeting on the family room - in Pj's - and opening presents and playing the White Elephant game. "Christmas" dinner is served, pie eaten and bags packed for the Sunday departure times.

Sad times. Very sad times.

Ever tried to play "catch" with a snowball??

Well, as the grandkids grow and get jobs ( many in retail..or banking) fewer are getting the Friday after Thanksgiving off.

So this year, to have the maximum number of kids and grands able to come, we moved "Thanks-Mas" up to the Veteran's Day week-end.

How does Veter-Thanks-Mas day sound??

And, as families grow, so does the pet population. April & Chris had a friend watch their 2 dogs ( Riley and Sophie) & 2 cats (Ty and Tiki), and Brian & Tessa drove from the Phoenix area with Kobe- pictured above.

He's a beauty of a Healer-Lab mix that is just a pup - but mannerly and sweet as can be.

Auntie April tries to give kisses to Spec - Lisa's little "couch hugger"

and no, she didn't get one...

Then there were Dot and Spec..2 more Arizonians of my niece Lisa's. ( Bishon Frese and Maltese mix)
Curly little balls of fur.
Oh, and pretty little Angel, a Cocker Spaniel of Lisa's friend, April, who finally got to join us this year.

Here's Spec and Angel with Auntie Rachael

Emily, Grammie, Braxton, Alyssa, Tessa and Brian

So, if you're keeping count, adding in Braxton and Lulu, we had 6 dogs.

And one cat, Bones, that lives with Grandma Evelyn downstairs.

And, yes, if we could have, we would have had more.

Maybe we can borrow Ophelia, the Urban Chicken that lives next door...

Handsome Lulu Belle and pretty Mr. B...I know what I mean..

Sweet Spec...

Lisa, Spec, Angel , Dot and April

It was a bit rough on little Lulu, the Princess Warrior... but she did remarkably well..sharing her Mom & Dad... her floor... her window... her people.. her couch...her air...however...

DO NOT go near my bones, toys, blankies, socks, treats, food or water. My pillow, my bed or my leash. My park, my sidewalk, my street. My hydrant. My park bench.. My sticks, my rocks, my grass.

More photos to come of the other parts of the family..and to share with you our fun, food and festivities.

And, Lulu said after that...NO MORE SHARING. Ever. Again. Never. Nada. Nope. Not even.

Until next Thanks-Mas

Have a good Tuesday. And thank your pup, gerbil, fish, cat, rabbit or horse for being so kind and good. Maybe with a lot of practice and study, we can be more like them.



Lucy said...

THAT is the truth. Animals would never do some of the stuff that humans do. I love these pictures but mostly the pic of the dog catching snowballs. What a neat photo.

Kim~"HomeIsWhereTheHeartIs" said...

I enjoyed reading about your combined've certainly made the best of changing lives and situations. Enjoyed meeting the furry members of your family. Have a great week, Colleen!

supah ~d said...

What a sweet family you have. The one of all the dogs lounging and the one of the snowball catch is fabulous. :)
Happy ThanksvEtermas

supah ~d said...

What a sweet family you have. The one of all the dogs lounging and the one of the snowball catch is fabulous. :)
Happy ThanksvEtermas

Neabear said...

what a fun post! I can't believe how many dogs had to share the day! Looks like they all got along great. At least you showed the pictures that show them getting along great. Who knows what lurks behind the scenes? Glad you all had a wonderful day. It was fun reading about it.

Senior Bowler-Carolyn said...

What fun....Mr. Man and I are traveling for T day to La to see Mother and my family...just went last weekend to see his family in North Alabama. I think your Thank mas is such a wonderful idea...we are spread out everywhere...ALABAMA, TEXAS, LOUISIANA, NEVADA, FLORIDA...not sure how you manager to get them all there but good job....seems like when you get is such a key part of your life...maybe because you have the time to really enjoy them....

Jan said...

Oh that just looks like so much fun! I loved the pictures of all the critters! Thanks for sharing...they made me smile! : )

Charmingdesigns said...

Now I know why you've been busy...I;m glad it was for GOOD TIMES!! Have a great day. Laurie

Betty said...

As many or more pictures of furkids than kind of post! Loved the pictures of everyone; I enjoy seeing how Emily has changed...she's just too cute! Your whole family is beautiful, as are you and Randy. Just love all of you as if you were my own! Glad the holiday worked out so well. You can tell me the 'good stories, but not postable stories' when we know the kind I mean...funny, charming, etc. Teehee.

Sweet Repose said...

Looks like a groomer's paradise to me, but looks like you all had a great time and what a great idea too. Love the pic of you and the Grandkids...priceless...the proud grammy!

Mary said...

We have combined holidays all the time and it's great fun! Anytime is a good time for family and friends!

madrekarin said...

How fun!! I'm glad you were able to make Veterthankmas happen, Colleen. :)
My family begins coming next Thursday for Thanksgiving. I love this time of year.