Sunday, November 16, 2008

OK, so they can make a camera that can take a photo..

....then you can view it, manipulate it, remove someone, change it from color to black and white, print it, send it it a blip if a second...

And yet...we still have to iron shirts.

What's up with that?? I mean, yes, I know they have "perma-press" but, seriously....seriously??

No body, no shape, no starch.

One would think the great minds of the world would be able to make a shirt that actually had shape, form AND function..huh?

I guess then I'd have nothing to wish on that first star I see at night..

"star light, star bright, make a shirt I don't have to iron tonight.."

So, while my Mother-in-Law is in California visiting Mr. B 2.0, I am ironing. ( she says she LIKES to iron...and so, in an unselfish act on my part...ahem...I let her iron Mr. B's shirts...)

Not so bad really. The ironing part..Mr. B 2.0's not so bad either. Or California.
I have spray starch and clean shirts. I have a TV to watch and a cat purring on the foot-stool.

But I really need to work on the stance...

Dress on..Check.

Apron on..Check.

Right hand on iron..left hand on forhead...uh...wha??

Gotta work on that one..

Hey, did I tell ya I found a really CUTE red ironing board at an Estate sale this past summer?

I can't wait until Spring so I can have the girls over for a summer brunch outside, with the old ironing boards used as buffet tables! (I totally lifted that idea from MaryJane's Farm magazine!)
OK, so have a good begging of the week...and middle ...and before you know it, it'll be the week-end again!

Happy ironing! Yeah...right.



Charmingdesigns said...

I use a vintage wooden ironing, not for ironing...its my crafting table...just the right height. Laurie

Brenda said...

All my life ironing has been one of my things. Not because I loved it,but because it is a big pet peeve. After all my kids would go to bed I would starch and press there clothes for school and have them hung on their door. Oh I didn't leave Brian out. I even press T-shirts.Go ahead an tell me im nuts.
When I did start work and the kids left Brian started doing his own.
I still am attracted to a pair of jeans starched so stiff they stand up hehe.

erin said...

You don't HAVE to iron. LOL! Happy Pink Saturday, even thought this was not your Pink Saturday post! Hee-hee!

Neabear said...

I am glad I am not the only iron who irons. When I say I have ironing to do, people look at me like I'm batty. Sorry, but I can't stand to put away wrinkled clothes.

Jan said...

Ironing...bleggh! I do it when it needs done and not a second before! : ) I used to iron the kids clothes...and taught them all how to do it themselves. Of course, they never would, or did, or do!! LOL!
I love the ironing board with the red legs! Buffet table...great idea!

Lucy said...

I used to love ironing. Maybe I could still get into it with men's white shirts. But...since I don't have the m.a.n....why care. :)

Mary said...

When I was little I had an ironing board with a little iron! I think I still have the little iron! It had a cord and really heated up. It didn't get real hot but it was good enough for a little girl!
I never thought of using old ironing boards for buffet tables.

Maryjane - The Beehive Cottage said...

Cute post I Love your red ironing board! My washer broke down this weekend and have a service guy coming tomorrow! Thank Heavens!