Saturday, November 15, 2008

The older I get..the more I can relate to my computer..

It's a dark, early Pink Saturday, and as I awakened (by way of my "alarm-puppy, Lulu) I realized I had not posted my Pink Saturday offering.

Beverly at How Sweet the Sound ( works very hard on organizing, sending our reminders and getting all of us who have said they'd post, to actually do so.

So when I realized I had not posted last night (fell asleep on the couch watching TV) I wanted to get it done...early..

Only, I was in a rush and wanted to go really really fast..and because I am used to the computers at work, that are "younger" and have "more memory" than mine little PC (work ones are Apples...I'm just sayin'...)

I opened a lot of programs at once...and my computer reacted much like I would..decided to do nothing..stubbornly sat there...

Really. Just sat there. Dazed and confused (the computer, not me...OK, well, me too) It just couldn't keep up with all the demands.

Wanted to concentrate on doing one thing well, then moving on to the next. Did NOT want to "multi-task"... much like me...

And the more I demanded of it, the more stubborn it became (sound familiar??)
So, I needed to just close everything down..let it rest and re-group and started over..this time, more thing at a time...a kinder and gentler me...

Then it cooperated. Wonderfully, quickly, and without all the moaning and groaning..
So here's my offerings..the top photos are of a pink stone (forgot which one she said it was) from a friend at work who just returned from India. Notice how they made the black string hold and protect it? Cool, huh..
The next photos are of a DaRLinG bracelet my DaRLinG daughter-in-law made for me. Being a breast cancer survivor does have it perks...well, .........besides the BIG one, Living..
She has made me several wonderful pieces over time, but this one holds a special place in my heart..
Not to mention it is REALLY cool! A bangle like no other...exclusive...just for me!!
The little ribbon charm says "Survivor" and the beads and bangles are so ..........girly!

Next is this PINK bear my sister got for me - Pink for Breast Cancer and a little pink ribbon on her foot..................the bear's...............not my sisters..
You cannot imagine how incredibly soft this creature is! And cute. And special. And mInE!
I love it love it love it. Thanks, Gerri..
And thank all of you for stopping by..leaving comments..and being such a great community of blogging friends.
Have a great MULTI-COLORFUL week!


Sherry Goodloe said...

Happy Pink Saturday! LOVE LOVE LOVE that bracelet that was made especially for you.

Lots of xoxo going your way today *smiles*

Neabear said...

I enjoyed your post. I agree with it totally, the computer being slow and stuff. I had to laugh. Sometimes I want things to happen faster on the computer, and I get impatient and then need to start over. Yeah, I know what you mean. Such pretty things on your Pink Saturday. Have a Happy Pink Saturday! Now don't fall asleep reading this.

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

Thank you for sharing such lovely pink pics!
*Happy Pink Saturday*

Beverly said...

Happy Pink Saturday, Colleen.

You gave me a big smile today while reading your post.

Your pink stone, your bracelet and your bear are all wonderful. The people who gave them think you are quite a special lady.

PlantBuddy said...

The pink stone looks like Pink Quartz. Love that pink teddy.


Hi Colleen! I just did a post and added the link to the farmhouse dish soap...thanks for stoppin by today! Have a great weekend

Jan said...

It's a pink day! Love all your pink things!

Betty said...

I do so enjoy your pink Saturday offerings!

Mo..."Mo's Cottage" said...

I really enjoyed reading your post....and all you great pinks were just beautiful ....and the best part is being a "Survivor"
Mo :-)

Katie said...

Love all the pink stuff! Happy Pink Saturday!


Beautiful pink jewelry...great pink post...Happy Pink